Rock 'n Roll Bride

I've actually been putting off blogging this post as I just didn't have a clue how I was going to articulate myself well enough to write something fitting. So I thought I would just write and see what happens....
Anyone who knows anything about alternative weddings in this country will know Kat. She is the lady behind Rock 'N Roll Bride, the alternative wedding blog that completely restores your faith in planning your wedding when you want to do your day, your way and not the sugared almond way. I've written a post before about how I owe her my career but I mean it with all my heart. In the 6 months that I've been shooting weddings, Kat has now blogged four of them and without her I would, yes have an easier time with my inbox but I wouldn't have had half the enquiries I've had. Thanks Kat.
So... the photo shoot. Well to begin with it really just started out as a little shoot between the pair of us. When we came up with the idea I do what I always do and go "Yeah! Cool!" and then panic internally but I was actually quite excited about this one. Me and Kat have met up a few times and had dinner and email a lot so we had become good friends and I was looking forward to hanging out for the day. Then Kat kept sending me excited emails saying things like "Eeek Fur Coat No Knickers are going to lend us a vintage dress!"... a few days later... "Oh my god I was at Julia Boggio's studio opening event and we now have a hair stylist and a make up artist!!"... gulp.... a few days later... "Oh the gorgeous Magpie Vintage is going to make me a bespoke hairband!!"... help me.... a few days before the shoot.. "We have flowers! Penny from Tigerlily Weddings has asked Chantal Flores Design and they are making us a bouquet!"... right now I'm shitting it. All these really amazing, so well respected and shit hot vendors within the industry were contributing their time and skills... for us. On top of all this Kat's amazing teasing on Twitter and facebook had lots of followers anticipating the results. There really felt like there was a buzz about it. It had to be good, really good.
So here are the results... our little shoot that turned into quite a big shoot.... with big hair.

Kat posted the shoot on Rock n' Roll Bride last week and I honestly cannot believe the response we've had. The amount of comments is unreal! The day it was posted was the last day of my theatre tour in Derby so I could only really look at it on my iPhone but every time I looked I was just in shock. We had such gorgeously supportive and positive comments and for me, seeing other photographers that I look up to and respect commenting too was just the icing on the cake. I was very, very smiley that day.
So a huge thank you is in order to everyone that was involved.....
Firstly a big thank you to Kat for asking me! We had such a laugh and she did a bloody amazing job pulling it all together and then posing all day!
Lina Cameron, Kat's amazing make up artist... Kat's eyes were unbelievable!
Sev of The Hepburn Collection who created the head turning Faux-Hawk (in like 10 minutes!)
Emma and Laura from Fur Coat No Knickers... two of the nicest ladies you could ever meet.
Lisa from Magpie Vintage took pieces from Kat's jewellery box and made the most adorable hairband... I just kept looking at it, it was gorgeous.
Penny of Tigerlily Weddings who very kindly spoke to her friend Chantel of Chantel Flores Design and we had a gorgeous bouquet delivered the morning of the shoot.

And a MASSIVE thank you to absolutely everybody who commented on Rock 'n Roll Bride, Twitter or on facebook. You completely floored me.


  1. woohoo! first comment!! kat's cool.. emma's cool... put them both together and what do you get... cool times two :)

  2. Whoa! Every single one of those images are amazing. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
    Kat looks fantastic, so knock dead. Love your photos!

  3. oh amazing photos.. I wish I could be as cool as Kat!..

  4. Emma, you are an inspiration as a photographer and deserve all the industry recognition. These are iconic images and Kat looks truly beautiful. We are in total awe, Lisa & Amy xXx

  5. aww EMMA! this is such a lovely post. thanks for writing such nice things about me and thanks for making me look so damn cool! roll on the next shoot i say!

  6. My favourite one is that dress/bouquet/shoes shot. And the one of Kat lying on the grass. And... no, ok, all of them. I'm not quite sure I qualify as someone who's allowed to be proud... but I am!! xxcd

  7. Well i died looking at how wonderful everything you did together with Kat!
    only itches me to get to UK one day and definitely wouldnt want to miss you both,too! =)
    Keep on rockin' Emma & Kat!
    Much love all the way from Singapore! =)

  8. You are amazing Emma! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  9. This shoot is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Man I freakin' love you.

    P.S. The makeup and hair is a-maz-ing!

  11. Just came over to this via Kat's blog post (the one with 80+ comments going!!) - what a fab shoot!! Loving all the colour...and it just oozes with personality! Well done!

  12. Such amazing photos! You totally rocked that shoot. I can't wait to get my photo shoot booked. I am so excited to be photographed by you.

  13. Emma Case- you are just so bloody talented. I love you

  14. Fab photos Emma! I saw you in Photo Pro Magazine and I actually process my images very similar to yours. I use a variety of gorgeous actions on mine as I love the vintage effect. I am also in the process of starting up my business too. Your images will be a great inspiration and glad to see someone else with a passion for creating some very unqiue wedding pictures! Love it! xx

  15. Love love love the smoking shots. Yes we know it's bad for us, yes we know it's not big and it's not clever but it IS still cool.