Yesterday I posted this on my Facebook page..

"Wedding season is in full swing right now and although I feel like we're on top of the workload (and have implemented so many helpful tools to keep us on track and efficient).. sometimes running your own business.. it can feel quite overwhelming.  The work.. the emails.. the travelling.. the packing.. the unpacking.. the 'not dropping the ball'.. the organisation.. the way a week just disintegrates and before you know it you're heading off across the country to the next wedding (usually before we've even unpacked our suitcase from the last one).. and it can feel a bit relentless and can just give you a little wobble now and again.

Like today.  A non-stop 7 weeks means that I woke up today feeling like I'd been hit by a train.. not able to engage my brain all and needing a good cry.

So I'm going to listen to my body and got to the beach.. and tomorrow morning I'll get back in that driving seat and put my foot on the gas again."

Well it turns out quite a few of you feel the same way and from the comments, what stood out the most was that a lot of people seemed relieved that it wasn't just them that felt this way.  Thank god someone else felt the same.

Well.. sharing my thoughts and feelings on this blog over the past six years has definitely taught me one thing..

We all feel happy, sad, lost, overwhelmed, out of our depth, scared shitless, exhausted, proud of ourselves, think we haven't got a clue, jealous, fed up, grumpy, not good enough, like a fraud…

..we are all the same..

..and there's definitely some comfort in that.

Ps. The beach was ace.



I can't believe it's that time again.. this year is going SO fast.. but we now have some new Welcome Home dates as a few of you have been asking when and where the next ones will be happening.. soooo.. we have two new dates for you!

We had quite a few suggestions about where to hold the workshops so we've tried to go for the easiest and most central for everyone.. (fingers crossed!)..

10am - 7pm
Venue - TBC
Price £400
Includes lunch

10am - 7pm
Venue - TBC
Price £400
Includes lunch

The Welcome Home workshop will focus on developing your artistic voice, finding your niche market, understanding and developing your brand, valuing the client experience, managing expectations and staying inspired.
Within these topics we will also be covering...
- Artistic Style
- Attracting your ideal client
- Understanding your 'why'
- Marketing
- Shooting
- Post Processing
- Pricing
- Workflow
- Client relationships and experience

There will also be a shoot in the afternoon so feel free to bring your cameras.. :)

To have a sneak at what Welcome Home is like then you can have a little watch of the stop motion video below.. and we also have a new Facebook page with updates and images from each workshop.

But it's not just about what you experience on the day.  Welcome Home has become a strong community of supportive photographers who share advice and experiences... they second shoot for each other and are even shooting each other's weddings.  We're proud to be a part of such a wonderfully supportive and positive bunch of mo fos.. 

So if you decide to come along.. (apart from the awesome day we have in store for you).. Welcome Home also gives you..
  • Immediate access to the Facebook group
We now have a total of 140 homies in the group.  They chat every day asking questions and offering each other advice and have been on hand for each other whether that's a pricing issue or needing to borrow kit for a wedding... oh and they also like a good laugh and a good dance.. :)
This 2 day retreat was born out of the homies wanting to get together.. especially as many of them attended different workshops but felt like they knew each other from the FB group.  So in April it was Welcome Break time!  We headed to a wonderful farm in Warwick and slept in Yurts and teepees.. ate good food, played rounders, danced and did the conga.. and then hated it when we had to leave.  It was better than we ever could have imagined and we can't wait for the next one!
  • Exclusive opportunities for one to one mentoring sessions
Soon we will be offering homies one to one mentoring sessions as part of Welcome Home.  After the workshop it's always incredible to watch attendees build, develop and make changes to their businesses and I think a natural progression is to spend some time looking at the effect of these changes.. what's working.. what maybe isn't working so well.. and why.  These sessions will be tailored to you and will be offered exclusively to attendees of Welcome Home.

Both Birmingham and London workshops are limited to 15 places and you can book your spot HERE.


A few of you have emailed to ask if you can pay in instalments so we wanted to let peeps know that if you'd like to come and join us then you can secure your place now with a £200 deposit with the remaining amount due by the 1st September 2014.. :)

If you would like to pay in instalments then please email at info@emmacasephotography.com.  Also if you're worried about where you're at with your business and if the workshop is right for you, then... don't.. :)  Just drop us an email (I promise we don't bite) and we can go from there.. :)

We look forward to seeing you there!!!



I have a love affair with both France and my Polaroid camera…

These literally make me squeal with delight..