i heart moustache

Look what arrived in the post today!........
* Just the Tash came in the post... not the glasses... or the hat... that's just me dressing up.



time to log on.

I tried to have a blog/flickr/photoshop free day but failed miserably.... I had to log on :)


the photographers curse/blessing

I did tell you all that there would definitely be more pictures of little Miss Isabel... it's just too tempting! I'm actually finding the downside of loving photography is that you are constantly looking at something and thinking... "Ohh that would make a cracking picture" and having an internal strop for not having your camera with you or having your camera and thinking "Ok, just this one last shot" (3 hours later...) "Ok, just one more".... but when you get home, rush to download them onto your computer and then see the results....... it's all worth it.

These are my first attempts with my gorgeous new 50mm lens... I love it. Check out the bokeh!

Merry Christmas everyone.... hope it's a good one. x x


love British

I spend a lot of my time on Flickr... uploading my photos and drooling over the hundreds and hundreds of gorgeously talented photographers who inspire me every day to do better. The pictures are truly stunning and the support that this wonderful community offers is enormous... one huge photography family appreciating each others talents to the full. How amazing is that.

So I've set up my own Flickr group.

The group is for all us UK photographers that follow all our American (and other parts of the world) photography buddies, watching in awe their style, colours and composition and maybe are finding our own way..... :)

Check out the group here


Isabel arrives...

...three weeks ago now but today was the first time I managed to sneak a photo (there will definitely be a lot more to come!). Ohh isn't she scrumptious! What's even cuter is her sister Megan (who's 2) calls her "Is...Bell" and sometimes "Is...Bell mine"
...and I think her big brother Sam is quite happy about the whole thing too.


My gorgeous cat.....

Ohh I love him soooo much. He was even cuter when he was a baby (piglet)......


yummy scrummy advert...

Just spent the evening creating a new advert... not sure what I'll use it for just yet but I love it anyway. If anyone would like to add it to their blog/website then let me know... maybe we can do swapsies?


to the manor born

How to beat the Monday blues?
Spend the day dressing up in the garden of a Manor House.... Thanks Zoe and Kate for being so wonderful today! I feel I will be using you both lots and lots in the future!

...and of course a special thank you to my bestest little bud Daisy. She's even more beautiful in real life and I have the absolute privilage to be called Auntie Emma :)

Told ya she was cute!


zoe & will

I have a confession; This was actually my first ever engagement session and....... I LOVED it!
I didn't actually disclose this information beforehand as I wanted them both to feel completely comfortable and trust me and my little camera (sorry Zoe and Will!). It was also the first time I've ever photographed anyone that I didn't know and you can imagine how relieved I was when they were the most welcoming, friendly, interesting and easy going couple you could ever meet! Add living on a boat next to Battersea power station, a walk along the Thames and a pint in the local and I had all the ingredients for a great day!
Zoe & Will, thank you so much for being fabulous yesterday and setting the bar..... I really hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


it's deafinitely theatre....

Sign Language and the Deaf community has become such a large part of my life over the past 2 years that I honestly can't imagine what it was like before. I am overwhelmed and in absolute awe of the language, the culture and met some truly amazing people and made many wonderful friends. I can honestly say it has changed my life.
Tonight was the first night of 'Deafinitely Shorts' a night of short plays written by Deaf writers. Last year I toured 'Double Sentence' with Deafinitely Theatre so was asked to stand in for one of the Actresses who dropped out last minute and I felt really proud of how everyone came together through rehearsal and produced a really cracking and positive evening to a very warm and full audience. I returned home to find a link posted on my facebook page of a recent article from The Guardian about Deaf Theatre and wanted to share it as it's very close to my heart...
Here's a production shot from 'Double Sentence' taken by the amazingly talented theatre photographer Sheila Burnett (who is also a Brummy!)
I love the fact that after my Mum watched me in this very thought provoking, visual, disturbing, exciting play the first thing she said to me was 'Why did you have to wear your hair clipped back like that?'


the crudds

Caroline Rudd aka Bean, Beaner, Beanarena is one of my closest friends from school. She was the first out of our immediate group to become a 'Mrs' and her husband Chris is pretty much the nicest guy you could ever meet (and he's a Brummy!). When they got married in 2007 my interest in photography had just begun and a purchase of a 35mm film camera from ebay was my baby.... I rediscovered these photos the other day and fell in love with them all over again.
I love film. Hope you love it too....