Monday, 22 September 2014

risa and mike {wedding}

Risa and Mike are the couple you want to hang with, the guys you want on your team, a couple of goofballs who love to be silly, excited and playful.  Their wedding day is going to be a day that me and Pete remember for a very long, long time.  Not just because of where we were but for how welcome and a part of it we felt from the start..  They are also huge Anglophiles, so their love of Arsenal football club, Rod Stewart and Phil Collins is kinda special to them.. and for their wedding we felt pretty honoured to help with adding another bit of British to the proceedings.. :)

I remember talking to one of their guests later in the day and they said that the city was their VIP guest at their wedding and it couldn't have been more true… they had a first look in Central Park and their energy and love for each other and the city they come from is intoxicating.. we then headed to the wedding/party venue The Foundry, a renovated industrial space and the lovely Jove Meyer Events transformed the space into a wonderfully joyful, vibrant backdrop… and that's exactly what this day was full of.. PURE JOY.

The outdoor ceremony, led by their good friend Chris, took place in the shadows of the Queensboro bridge and the Mahattan skyline with Risa and Mike taking turns to exchange their personal vows to each other.. AND THEN… The Hungry March Band, a full on 10 piece brass ensemble with pom pom dancers played everyone back out of the ceremony and got the party started!  They were friggin' awesome.. got everyone up dancing and now we think every wedding should have a March band.

As the sun set the night sticks came out and the room became an 80's disco wonderland… our over riding memory of the party was the moment the DJ played 'Young Turks' by Rod Stewart and the whole room erupted.... I don't think the lyrics could be more appropriate….

"Young Hearts.. be freeeee tonight!"

So thank you to everyone we had the pleasure of meeting, hugging, sweaty dancing with and thank you to New York City, we fell super hard for all of you.... and a huge thank you to Risa and Mike for taking a chance on a couple of douchebags from England...we'll definitely be back soon.

We love you guys...