harlyn bay sneak peek...

A trip to Cornwall included lots of cream tea and a gorgeous couple shoot in Harlyn Bay with my beautiful friend Zoe from Old White and her gorgeous man Nathan...


kate and morvan

Kate and Morv are one of my couples who I'd not met before their day... many an email back and forth meant that I knew they were both ace but it's always a little bit nerve wracking and exciting turning up in the morning. We arrived at the beautiful Buxted Park Hotel in East Sussex with the weather a little bit indecisive whether it wanted to rain or stay dry. There was a bustle to the hotel with guests checking in and staff getting the ceremony room ready... and as I walked up to Kate's room I was greeted by the adorable Kate... (seriously.. how beautiful is she!) and her equally gorgeous Mum and two sisters. Kate showed me her beautiful Rachel Simpson shoes, her stunning Jenny Packham dress and headpiece and this little photographer was in elegant bride heaven!
Downstairs Morvan, his Best man and Usher were on duty meeting guests and as we moved closer towards the ceremony time everyone took their seats awaiting the arrival of Kate and her bridesmaids...
The ceremony was brilliant. A wonderfully relaxed, warm and with so much love... you could honestly feel the smiles radiating from everyone.. and Morv's vows were possibly the best vows I've ever heard.. (a small poem that rhymed and mentioned Kate's cooking skills). They were announced Husband and wife and as they descended down the aisle, members of their family danced behind them.
The afternoon was filled with drinks, canapes, some very funny formals and a lovely couple shoot around the grounds of the hotel and then everyone sat down ready for speeches and the wedding breakfast. Now I'm rushing through this a little bit as I'm heading towards the evening where I properly cried.. like, overwhelming crying. You see Kate's family are Jewish and although the wedding wasn't a traditional Jewish wedding there was definitely one tradition that happened and I LOVED it. The evening reception started, the DJ began to play some tunes and as we were doing the photo booth Kate came in and said "Emma, we're gonna do the chair thing'.. 'Great' I said and headed to the dancefloor... all of a sudden the Jewish folk song came on and everyone ran onto the dancefloor and started doing the Hora.. dancing in circles at such a pace and I squeezed into the middle and began snapping away. Then two chairs were placed on to the dancefloor and Kate and Morv were sat on them and lifted to the roof and as they were holding hands they were danced around the floor by their guests. The atmosphere was so electric with the music and everyone's energy I was literally crying as I was shooting.. it was such a wonderful experience full of love, freedom and happiness.... I will never forget it.
Thank you Kate and Morv for letting us share your day... we loved you both and your whole family (and a huge soft spot for your lovely Grandad). It was such an absolute pleasure to see two families having so much fun and really showing the love.. I think that's what all weddings should be about.

Oh and I had to switch to video just for a minute.... :)