rachel simpson shoes

Spending the day surrounded by pretty shoes is ace. Spending the day taking pictures of said pretty shoes with a wonderful team is even better. This is the second shoot I've done for the (most lovely, kind, warm and friendly) Rachel Simpson and again I was lucky to work with Makeup by Jodie (the fabulous MUA) and the two loveliest models Lana and Verity. The day was spent giggling, eating coissants and pretty much playing dress up in the most gorgeous Highbury Hall. We also had the wonderful Fur Coat No Knickers, Timeless Couture, Caroline Atelier and The Wedding Club donate stunning dresses and Laurel Lime and Sharper Millinary finished things off beautifully with some gorgeous accessories... I love these shoots... and I love this team too...


..and we have LIFT OFF!!!!!!!

Holy smokes!! The website is LIVE!!!!!!

Please don't look... oh, ok you can look.. no don't look.. aghhhh!!! It's been a long time in the making and to be honest I don't wanna ramble on too much but really I'm just trying to keep you from going on it because... it's SUPER SCARY!   It's scary knowing that you all can see it, you can all see me and what I'm about.. but that's exactly why it's also a good thing, a fantastic thing because the new website, the new blog.. it's exactly me..  it's everything that I'm about and I'm so proud of it.


Kelty, you are amazing.


the welcome home workshop

So guys.. I'm being brave and I'm doing a workshop... eeeeeeeek!

Ever since I thought about doing a workshop I've had permanent butterflies... but they're excited butterflies.. the thought of having a room full of enthusiastic and passionate people who all have the same feeling about their art gives me total goosebumps... and I want to make it the most useful, enjoyable and inspiring day possible where you all walk away feeling inspired by the bucket load with practical tools that you can apply to your businesses and with a bunch of new friends who will be supportive to the end.

So with all that in mind I thought Welcome Home was the most perfect name for a workshop that was all about a learning community..  somewhere where you feel most comfortable..  a creative home if you like.

So if you are interested in finding out more then please sign up to the mailing list and I'll have some more info about when, where and what's involved very soon....

It's really important for me that the workshop is catered around what you want to learn so please feel free to add comments to this post about anything that you feel you would most benefit from.. the more input from you guys the better.. :)


things are a changin'...

You may or may not have noticed already but there's about to be a few changes around here.. the blog has had a lovely little facelift thanks to the most wonderful and crazy talented Kelty (I love this lady a ton)  from The Weaver House (formally known as Steep Street) and now that I have such a pretty blog I promise to use it a whole lot more... scouts honour.  

A rebrand has been pretty overdue for a while (a very long while) but I'm really glad I've waited.  I know who I am as a photographer and where I want to go so much more now and feel excited and ready to embrace the next chapter... so watch this space for a brand new website, lots of weddings, a heap more personal stuff and some workshop and office news... it's all a bit bloody exciting!!
Think we might need a lie down.
Image of us by Featherlove


The new blog design has given me such a boost to blog more! It was beginning to feel like a bit of a chore last year, especially as I had the old style of blogger which pretty much meant uploading one photo at a time and physically changing the size of each image in the html code... (yup, massive ball ache).. and when you have about 120 images from a wedding to blog it really isn't fun. But now it's a hell of a lot easier and I LOVE my new blog design so much.. any excuse to post is good! So.. I'm trying my hand at a few mood boards.. I joined pinterest a few months ago and can quite happily admit that I am seriously addicted.  I love my boards, I love my pins, I love pinning...  But there is one slight drawback.. hence my first mood board...
Things I've pinned and ended up buying... (oh dear)...

1.  Antique Floral handle
2. Jamaica Curve Heel Glitz Shoes
3. Autumn Silk Dress (in the sale reduced from £145 to £45!)
4. Lucca Pleated Midi Skirt (in the sale reduced from £55 to £10!)
5. Floral Cushion Cover
6. Sheer Floral Dress
7. Leather bow in Gold
To have a look at what I'll no doubt be buying in the next few months check out my pinterest boards.. but I take no responsibility for what you might then buy because of it.


music to my ears

I'm going to be regularly posting more personal bits and pieces from here on in and one huge thing for me that I love sharing is music.  Once a week I'll be posting a video of something that I've been listening to and hopefully you a) won't of heard of it b) will go out and buy it and c) have a new song that you love..
First up is Sea of Bees.  I love her.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!!!


one frame...

.. a lovely gold swept one..

Cream and Black are also available.. aren't they yummy!


our life lately...

So what happens when we don't have weddings to shoot?