As a photographer I love being creative.. I love to push myself.  I love photographing a wedding day and when things align perfectly and you hold your breath and click that shutter just at that right moment.  I love when a wedding is so full of occasion and activity, laughter and realness and when our couples are brave and trusting and creative and we drive home in the car and I sit in the passenger seat and download our images, smiling my head off with the wonderful haul of moments and harvest of pretty we've come home with..

But what I don't want to forget is that sometimes, taking everything else away, stripping it right back..

..two peeps that like each other a lot is simply enough to make me fall in love with an image..



Sorting a pile of stuff for ebay before we head off on our travels and a polaroid camera that I got from a charity shop aaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago (kinda for an ornament) and for under a fiver, has just given us this..

Happy days.. 



New York you're perfect, don't please, don't change a thing..

We spent just over a week in New York and totally and utterly fell in love.  We stayed in Greenpoint, just across the water from Manhatten with our good friends Si and Sophie from Bayly and Moore.  We rode bikes around Central Park.. walked the skyline.. stood in Times Square, ate ice-cream looking at the Statue of Liberty.. walked along every avenue.. took the subway, hailed cabs.. and went and watched a Jimmy Fallon show.. (I am now actually in love with him)… gaaaaaah.. take us back..

Si and Sophie.. we owe these dudes big time and can't wait to squish their faces again in just 8 weeks when we slow mo run at each other at A Bit More Soul in New Zealand.. god we love these two.. it kinda feels like something is missing not having them with us at all times.. :(

Some film bits and bobs..

Meeting our crazy and wonderful internet buddies is pretty much in my top one thing to do.. it only took us 3 and a half years to meet.. :)  Me and Amber have been emailing, 'liking' each other's work and generally loving each other since 2011 so this night was pretty special for us.. :) We had the best night with her and her husband John.. we did not stop talking and laughing and even saw a shooting star.  It was the best. We're totally coming back for date night number two.. :)

We also timed it perfectly that we got to see lovely Oli Sansom who flew in the day before we flew out.  It was also lovely to meet Jai from free the bird photography too.. it always blows us away how bloody awesome everyone is.. we feel so very lucky right now to have all these peeps in our lives..And some Instagram goodness of course.. :)

..and yes, that is Amber's finger up my nose.



We've been pretty non stop since coming back from New York 3 weeks ago.  Three weddings, two Engagement shoots, a family shoot and a commercial shoot sending us to Birmingham, Leighton Buzzard, London, Whitstable and finally Preston.. phew! Even typing it is tiring!

But it's been a whole heap of fun and it's been lovely getting to know new couples.. seeing old ones and managing to catch up with good friends along the way.  This time of year is always super busy that sometimes it's hard to appreciate it all as it happens.. you find yourself saying.. we'll do that when it quietens down.. or when we stop we'll do that.. well.. I think you just gotta ride this wonderful wave.. :)  Enjoy it all.. appreciate it whilst it's happening.. and remember to hold on tight!



We have two Welcome Home workshops coming up this month and we're looking for some cute couples to come model for us!!

You'll get a bunch of lovely photos.. you'll be fed and watered and an invite to the pub afterwards.  Good times.

You'll be needed from 1pm onwards on the day... and we're looking for one couple per workshop..


Tuesday 16th September - BIRMINGHAM

Thursday 18th September - LONDON

If you're interested then email info@emmacasephotography.com with a bit of info about yourselves and a photo attached please!

You can also read a couple of blog posts from previous couples who have been a part of the workshops and what they got out of the day.. these make me smile a lot.. :)