Maximo is our kitten... well he's six months now and is actually bigger than his Mum so he doesn't look like a kitten but he sure acts like one! His new thing is looking for spiders in every corner of a room...I keep catching him sat facing the wall just waiting for them!

I love him to bits and he's getting neutured tomorrow. It's a sad day.

He even talks and has been heard to say 'Hello' and 'Emma'!

good times/bad times

It's all a little crazy at the moment with moving and reassessing futures blah, blah, blah... but I'm a little overwhelmed how completely up and down it is.... it's either really good news or really bad news and it never seems to be 'just in the middle'. Take the last week or so as an example...
  • my photos were blogged in Rock 'n Roll Bride (yay!)
  • a water pipe burst in our house that we're renting out (boo)
  • I got accepted on to a BSL Level 3 course (yay!)
  • My car broke down on the way to Birmingham, I had to pay £120 to renew my AA cover and the car is now only fit for scrapping (a big boo)
  • I have 5 wedding enquiries for next year (yay!)
  • I get the flu as I'm just starting my new job so more time off without pay (boo)
  • Pete (fella) gets an email saying he can transfer his job to a branch in the South so he now has a job to come down to which saves our bacon (yay!)
At least, whatever happens, I can always take photos........ :)


costume drama...

What do you get when you mix a group of mates, a wedding and a box of dressing up clothes?....


meg moo & sam the man...

We have moved back to Southampton from Birmingham for two reasons... a) financial and 2) because my friends have started having children and I'm missing out on them growing up. I have known Sam and Megan's Mummy since we were 4 years old and I can't believe she's a Mum of two with another one on the way! Her kids are scrumptious and I love them to bits.....

...and I couldn't resist a bit of texture...
..and a bit of polaroid fun...


the cooks...

Ruth and Dan were married on the 3rd October 2009 at Hartington Hall Youth Hostel in Derbyshire. They hired the whole hostel for the weekend and guests shared traditional style youth hostel rooms with single beds, bunk beds and shared showers!

Just wanna say a huge thank you to Ruth and Dan for asking me to photograph their amazing wedding and if you wanna know more info about the day or see some more photos see the link below (in the previous post)

Rock 'n Roll Bride!!!

I am so chuffed right now that my cheeks are hurting from smiling so much! I emailed Kat from Rock 'n Roll Bride (the first blog I found when I started a - taking pictures and b - attempting to plan our wedding) asking if she would be interested in blogging the recent (well, second) wedding I shot at the beginning of October. It was very much a 'if I don't try I'll never know' sort of email and never thought in a million years that I would get a reply... but Kat did!!! In the most gorgeous and friendly way and she's only gone and blogged the wedding! I honestly can't believe it! I read that blog and drool over the wedding photography aspiring to take photos like that... Aggggghhhh!

Thank you Kat for being wonderful and also a huge thank you to Ruth and Dan who's wedding was so 'Rock 'n Roll'!

Check out the blog here...


why not?

This is a new blog and I'm sure there is some sort of blog etiquette where my posts should be in the 'here and now' but I have so many photographs that I really love that were taken a while ago so, sod it, I don't care... one day I'll catch up but for now I like to share....

The Fillmore Gears (my gorgeous boyfriend's band) at the Y-Not Festival 2008

My favourite breakfast. Ever.

things are looking up....

Things to smile about:
I have a new job working with Deaf people in a new city.
I've been accepted onto a Level 3 (BSL) Sign Language course starting in January.
I'm learning so much more about photography and really feel that I'm developing my own style.
My cats have settled in to their new house and are loving it.
My boyfriend is making real steps to follow his dream.
I love Pete and he loves me.
I had crumpets with Philedelphia for breakfast... mmmmmm.

a bit of recycling...

An old photo given a bit of a dusting off....
In a tent with Pete at the Y-Not Festival. Had to post a picture of my boy. He's in Birmingham and I'm in Southampton and I miss him. Goodnight baby x x


don't quote me

Mmmm good day me thinks...

polaroid pleasures..

Just a few I found...



Ohhh yes please.... Mmmm... now which one? That pink one looks nice... oh but what about that chocolate looking one, hmm, but it might taste of coffee... mmmm silver balls.... pete which one are you having? No, I need to know... I don't want cupcake envy.... and so it goes on...

I am rubbish at making decisions. I need to sort my life out... too many choices, too many decisions.... what are YOU doing?.... No, I need to know....


Happy Birthday Mum!

How absolutely gorgeous is my Mum!
Happy Birthday Mum!
Love you so much.


Happy Birthday Jacob!!

Jacob is 13 today! I actually can't believe how quickly it's gone... he was born when I was 15 and I really feel like we've grown up together.... I remember how he used to sit in my car and sing Kylie's 'I just can't get you out of my head' and he could tell you the name of any car that was in front of us (and he was about 3 at the time and couldn't really see over the dashboard!). I remember one Christmas Eve I read him a story and we heard a noise and I will never forget his panicked face telling me I better go because Father Christmas was outside....
I love him so much and hate that I don't live round the corner....

Happy Birthday J x


Fabby fab fab fab news!

Fantastic news! Just been told that we made it through to the final of the 'American Crew' photographic competition and my pictures are on display in a gallery in manchester on november 29th. Wooo hooo!! Please let us win... I never win anything.... ever. Just once it would be so amazing to hear... you've won! You've won a trip to America (that's one of the prizes). Pleeeeeeeeeeeease.


battle for prague

A photo shoot in a forest on a sunny Saturday morning with bfp....... perfect.
How's your Sean Connery impression??
Ohhh I love Autumn....

Have a listen to bfp's music..... I think you'll like it. http://www.myspace.com/battleforprague


The Wedding Crasher

I have an idea...

With money and the economy being how it is it seems that more and more couples are pulling in mates to help out with major parts of their Wedding preperations. Me and Pete started to think of all the skilled and talented friends we have around us and how it pretty much covered everything... the photos, the food, the entertainment, the invites... so why not share? I know my photography is going to depend on word of mouth and I will always appreciate a recommendation... that's how things grow.

So I'm going to create a list... of talented friends who have something to offer when it comes to weddings. If you are a friend and would like to be on my list let me know, if you have a blog or a facebook page then even better... I'll add a link.

Lets share.

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Emma x

Sneaky peek..

Ruth and Dan Cook were married on Saturday 3rd Oct at Hartington Hall YHA, Derbyshire. It was such a wonderfully relaxed and gorgeous day. I can honestly say I'd love to copy and paste for my wedding day!

A long shot?

The Fillmore Gears are back! For one night only! This is their first gig for over a year and who knows when they'll play again so if you're in Southampton on the 28th November then get to The Hobbit... should be a goodun!
Photo taken at Rich Bitch Studios



No holiday for us this year. But I did manage to get one day on my own on a beach in South Shields whilst on tour (didn't have my camera with me tho). It was simply amazing....