Sneaky peeeeeeeeek time!

Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy Rebecca and Ross' wedding was soooooo yummy...


maddy & ali

Maddy and Ali were up for a fun Engagement session (which is what I like to hear!) so we headed for their local park and more importantly... the playground! We then took a wander up the road into Warwick and found a cute little garden next to Warwick Castle that you had to make a donation before you had a look round. I had such a lovely afternoon with the pair of them and I really can't wait for their wedding next year!
Oh and don't you think Maddy looks a little like a certain someone that used to be on Big Brother? :)


charlotte & owen

Charlotte and Owen are the sweetest couple... they are getting married next month and due to their jobs, have been living apart... Owen in Birmingham and Charlotte in London so it was sooo lovely to spend a few hours getting some yummy photos of them together.
Charlotte is also one of my FurCoatNoKnickers brides so I'm pretty excited about the big day!

kelly & somik

Kelly is another one of my bride's that has been with me from the very beginning. She got in contact back in November last year and we have been emailing back and forth.... but what you don't expect is an email six months before the wedding saying... 'There's a bit of an issue with our venue... ummm... it's burnt down'. So a frantic search to find a new venue began and when Kelly came back saying that they'd found somewhere and it was The Hospital Club in Covent Garden I was a wee bit excited! Not only is this place a funky, unusual space with amazing food but after spending the day there I would recommend Caz and her wonderful team to everyone! Easily the best wedding coordinator I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
The actual wedding ceremony was held at Bromley Public Hall and if you see the picture of Arthur Lovell (10th image down)... that can be found in the entrance of the hall and is actually Kelly's Great-Grandfather. On Armistice Day in 1928 Arthur saved a child from being run over by a truck and was killed himself. It was a big story at the time and his portrait is there in his memory. It seemed such a lovely tribute to him that his Great-Granddaughter was getting married there and one of Kelly's close friends read the story of what happened in the ceremony.
It was such a lovely day and I think both Kelly and Somik would agree that the new venue ended up simply perfect and once everyone had eaten the gorgeous wedding breakfast and listened to some fantastic speeches the evening kicked off with another very funny photo booth!