hanging around...

...is something that I can't afford to do right now! Everything is really starting to take off and I'm so excited to see it all evolving! I have so many ideas about what I want to do and how I'm going to do it that I get butterflies thinking about it! I have lots of really exciting photo shoots coming up and can't wait to get out there... and then I know I'll not be able to wait getting them up on the blog! So watch this space!.......


elly & amy

A gorgeous photo session with my friend Perina's children Elly and Amy. I haven't seen Perina for about 4 years and I come back and she has 2 kiddy winks! I'd never met the girls but from the moment I walked through the door it was 'Emma, look at my handstand!', 'Emma look at my toys!'... I loved it! I even got a huge cuddle and a kiss from them both to take away! I've had a brilliant morning and any excuse to splash in a few puddles gets the thumbs up from me!

B got an A!

My gorgeous friend Beccie has recently started her PGCE training to become an Early Years Teacher..... she's just finished her first placement and pretty much nailed the whole thing.
Here's a little video just for you Bee....
You're going to be an amazing Teacher.


time out

I've moved around the country quite a bit over the last 8 years and along the way have made some pretty amazing friends. It's so easy to slip into the hecticness of daily life and before you know it you haven't seen or even spoken to people for months. With facebook it's so easy to keep up to date with what everyone is doing, where they went on holiday, who they're dating or what they had for tea..... but actually having a good old chat seems to be getting lost. I had a lovely phonecall the other day from Keith, a guy I was on tour with for 6 months. I haven't seen him for a couple of years but it was like I'd only seen him yesterday.

So if you have a spare half hour or afternoon arrange a catch up over a cuppa, or if they're too far away... make a cuppa and give them a call.... I promise it'll make you smile.
p.s good luck Keith and Sarah for the nearly new arrival!!


linden love

It was a pretty emotional day yesterday watching one of my oldest friends walk down the isle. It always feels so surreal and it never feels that we're actually old enough to do all these grown up things like get married and have kiddy winks. But we are. I was so proud of Laura. She looked absolutely stunning and her and Mark are so perfectly suited that it almost feels as if the name Linden was just waiting for her....
Here are a few shots from a purely guest's perspective (due to the torrential rain we didn't really get any outside time so there actually wasn't much opportunity to get any shots of the bride and groom but they had a photographer doing that anyway so I thought I'd concentrate on some other stuff!)....

...and one little piccie that I took a while ago waiting for it to become Mr & Mrs Linden....

love is in the air..

Just a few shots of us at a friend's wedding... we've been apart quite a bit lately and it was so lovely to have a hotel room and be able to relax, let our hair down and enjoy each other's company properly. When we went down to breakfast in the morning guests kept shaking Pete's hand congratulating him on his shape pulling skills on the dance floor.....hmmm nuff said!

I'm sure Pete gets fed up with me taking pictures of him all the time!


unlucky for some...

Friday 13th is unlucky for some but not for Laura and Mark!!.. they are getting hitched this friday in Surrey and I'm actually a guest not the photographer! Woop woop... get your freak on, get your freak on, get ya, get ya, get ya freak on!

Congratulations guys and I can't wait for Laura to be Mrs Laura Linden of 'Links of London' (Hee hee!)


My sister's new puppy...... he is so god damn cute. Briaaaaaaaaan!


me me me me me....

1. I eat with my fork in my right hand and kick a football with my left foot.
2. I am very proud of being born in Liverpool.
3. I honestly believe that Pete is my perfect match in every way.
4. I eat about 10 boiled eggs a week. I love them.
5. I can stilt walk.
6. My thumbs are double jointed.
7. If I eat a banana I never eat the ends.
8. I wish I could move all my friends and family from Southampton to Birmingham.
9. Recently somebody said I have a 'Deaf Identity' and I was extremely touched.
10. I am in love with photography and drive Pete mad buying photo frames all the time.
11. I will own a Camper Van one day.
12. When I eat I have to have the same number of pieces of steak (for example) as chips on my plate.
13. I told my Sister that there was no Santa so she could help me find presents.
14. If the wind is blowing in the right direction you can smell chocolate from Cadbury World from our house.
15. I adore mojitos and mulled wine (but not together)
16. My favourite song is 'Let Go' by Frou Frou. It makes me feel so happy that I smile every time I hear it.
17. I think I have only felt anger maybe a handful of times my whole life.
18. I am very proud of my family.
19. I love avacado.
20. I don't like feet. Especially when they touch me.
21. I don't like the feel of unvarnished wood. Wooden spoons are the worst. It's like running your fingernails down a blackboard
22. When I was young I used to pretend to skip with a skipping rope but with just my hands. If I'd done 10 skips I would then have to do it in reverse the same number of times.
23. I have good comic timing.
24. I drink tea all day long but have never finished a whole cup. I always leave a bit in the bottom.
25. I adore Sign Language so much that I miss it if I don't Sign for a day.

Have just realised how many points are about food!?!