anna & david

Well, what a weekend!! Pete and I headed up to Northumberland for Anna and David's wedding with weather forecasters all saying the same thing... Northumberland will be hit, the North East is going to be hit the worst, stay off the roads if you can... so we were pleasantly surprised to get all the way to Newcastle without a hint of snow... but we spoke a little too soon.. the snow began to fall and the roads became pretty treacherous (one of Pete's favourite words)... and when we finally arrived at their venue at about 11pm we were greeted by some helping hands to get us to the front door through the snow which was now up to our knees!
We entered the house and were fed and watered by Anna's Mum and felt right at home in the gorgeous old house where guests could come and go as they pleased... and with the snow surrounding us all it really felt like one big family.
The morning of the wedding had a lovely buzz to it with people helping to dress the ceremony room and Anna and her gorgeous bridesmaids getting ready in the most beautiful room along with the fabulous Elbie doing Anna's make-up and wonderful hair. Anna also was given some amazing gifts from David including an axe... yes, an actual, could do a lot of damage... axe (a present which Anna had seen a few months prior and had said she wanted) and her bridesmaids were also given a lovely goodie bag each full of lovely gifts.
Once Anna was in her beautiful silk charmeuse wedding dress by Nikki J, Anna, her Mum and Elbie created the most fabulous and dramatic wedding veil and the finishing touch was a pair of gorgeous cream and gold Louboutins... her gorgeous bridesmaids wore the most elegant grey, silk dresses by twobirds which were able to be worn in all different ways and as I nipped off to see David I was presented with the most wonderful bespoke, tailored, tweed suit by Graham Browne.
The ceremony began with Lula Duggan playing 'Murder She Wrote' on the harp and the ceremony was filled with beautiful readings and personal vows read by both Anna and David. The ceremony was followed by a gorgeous afternoon tea and a little photo shoot in the most picturesque grounds with snow up to our knees!
We then rejoined their guests and we all took our seats in the most amazingly dressed dining room... tables were filled with candles, gorgeous flowers by the lovely Sophie from Iheartflowers, fantastic 'heart' 3D glasses and a beautiful old book each as favors which were chosen specifically for each guest (I got a gorgeous old photography book!!). Dinner was served and speeches were given and then the most fantastic croquembouche was 'attacked' by Anna and David with a knife and Anna's axe!!
The night was finished by a wonderful ceilidh, another fab photo booth and then a bit of a karaoke sing off in the games room!
The following day a lovely breakfast was served and everyone rallied round to help each other get cars out of the snow and ready for the roads... it really was such a wonderful weekend and although I know that a handful of guests couldn't make it because of the weather, I think it really showed what was important... Anna and David finally becoming husband and wife.