Rock 'n Roll Bride!!!

My photography journey so far has completely and utterly blown me away. I honestly feel that I'm going to wake up and it all have been a dream! One lady who has supported me sooo much (I pretty much owe her my life wage) is the most wonderful Kat from Rock 'n Roll Bride. I don't need to say how bloomin' wonderful, interesting, unique, beautiful and stunning her blog is and how much it just fits. It completely gets us... all the brides that trawl through the internet wondering where are all the things we like? Where are all the cool, alternative things? You find RNRB and you find yourself and breath a huge sigh of relief!
Kat posted my first ever wedding last year and seriously...I. could. not. believe. it. So when Kat said she would post my next one I actually laughed at the absurdity of it all! I'm just a girl who loves taking photos and looking at others' photos... I should be looking at other photographers on her blog, not looking at my own photos on her blog.... I really hope I don't wake up.

I also wanted to say a huge, huge thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past few months. Photographers like Steve Gerrard Photography, Feather Love Photography, Caught the Light, Josephine Sicad Photography, Oeil Photography, Ashton Jean-Pierre and Gingerlee Photography have all been such a huge influence and a huge help, I feel that I've made some really special friends regardless of distance. I absolutely love what you guys do. Your pictures are simply amazing.


christie & bernie

Well.. this is my very first, official, didn't know the couple before, professional, as 'Emma Case Photography' wedding!!!!
Christie contacted me back in November and straight away I knew just how ace she was. Not only did she mention fake moustaches and knee-sliding as part of the wedding plan but she was funny and honest and completely on my wavelength. We emailed back and forth in a 'know each other already' type of way and by the time me and Pete were driving up to Devon on the 30th January I was a little nervous but so excited to finally meet her (we didn't get the chance beforehand) and her soon to be husband... the Berninator!
The wedding was held at the most amazing Huntsham Court... oh man the bathroom in the bridal suite was AMAZING, oh and the library... and the... well you can see for yourselves, the whole house is stunning!
The ceremony (that I wasn't allowed to photograph.. grumble, grumble) was beautiful with a really heartfelt speech from both Christie and Bernie's sisters (I'm gonna have to man up in this profession as I could feel myself going) and then food was served followed by a wonderfully proud speech from the Father of the Bride and a particularly funny song by the Best Man and his guitar!
Instead of a wedding cake they had a 'pig'nata (pinata) and for the evening entertainment 'Gabby Young & Other Animals' played their socks off (you need to check this band out) and EVERYONE was dancing! Finish it all off with about 3 hours of The Photo Booth which had me literally in pain through laughing too much and you have all the ingredients for one hot wedding.
Christie and Bernie, I wish you every success and happiness for your new life in Germany together (Bernie is German so they're moving over there). I had the best time and I think all of your guests did too. Thank you so much for being my first wedding... I wouldn't have wanted it any other way :)

I could actually live in this bathroom....

Had to grab them both for 5 minutes outside! (not me physically grabbing them... more, them grabbing each other... well, you know what I mean...)

Then it was food time.... (Christie had a slight obsession with rats apparently?!?)

The Father of the Bride in a very cool tash get up.....
Christie and Bernie wondering whether the tash would indeed stay on for the whole speech...

PIGNATA (Pinata) TIME!!!!!...

Then there was some music and some dancing....

Mr and Mrs Dietz.....
The Photo Booth madness is to follow! The queue for the booth was pretty much on a loop and my arm and ribs were aching by the end! What a bloomin' great day! I seriously could've posted a ton more photos today but I'm sure there is some sort of wedding blog etiquette so I've stopped now.


happy anniversary baby!

I'm very glad that you know that we have been together for 4 years and that I now know that we have not been together for 5....

Max enjoyed our little message giving today.... it did take us a few attempts to get it just right...



My little sister Jodie and I spent the day together today. That's pretty rare as we haven't lived in the same city for a long time... we really should see each other more. We had brunch, went to the local tip to try and find anything antique... (she bought a bowl for 20p) and then we took her two dogs, Billy and Brian for a walk and I took some pictures.
As sisters we couldn't look any more different.. she's blonde, tall, has amazingly long gorgeous legs and I'm...well.....the opposite. She's grown into the most gorgeous, wonderful, intelligent, caring, beautiful, funny and thoughtful young lady and I'm so so so proud of her. Thanks for a lovely day Jodes.

Love you Jodie Case!!


bridal soup

Guess who's the new blogger for Bridal Soup!!! Yeeeeeeaaahhh!... oh sorry, yeah... Bridal Soup is a gorgeous wedding blog for brides-to-be to find daily inspiration for their big day! I will be finding the most wonderful, beautiful things that will make your wedding day truly scrumptious and will post them daily for you to get all giddy about and want it all now!
Click on the picture above to check out the website.... (ohhh I have got some fab things to blog in the next few weeks that I know you're all gonna love!)



My very first wedding of 2010!
Christie and Bernie got married in the most gorgeous Victorian gothic country house out in Devon......but that's all I'm going to tell you for now as the full post will come later! Here's a little preview... (vorschau is German for preview.... Bernie is German)....