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Waaaaah! It's a Saturday and we're not shooting a wedding!?!? (Well, we actually shot a yummy one yesterday).. but it's funny.. I always think the air smells different on a Saturday.. like a day that's so precious and one that we don't often get to see.  We rode through our local park this morning and it was buzzing.. it just looked completely different..

So to celebrate the weekend I thought I'd share with you guys some of my favourite blogs to read. Some are more photography related and others more lifestyle and some I like to check in on a daily basis.. some it's more now and again.. but all of them are inspirational, funny, intelligent, thought provoking, stylish.. and generally lovely to hang out in..

So first up is Ms James aka Bleubird. I have followed Ms Bleubird for a looooooong time.  Her wonderful blog about her and her beautiful family is an everyday read for me.  When I first found her she had her own onilne vintage shop and since then I've watched her add the adorable Birdie and the newest addition, Sailor to her beautiful family.  If you haven't come across this little family then be warned.. it's pretty much a given that you'll fall in love with them..

A Beautiful Mess
Next up we have A Beautiful Mess. Elsie and Emma, two sisters who live in the Midwest crafting their own incredible empire. I've followed these ladies for about 5 years now watching their ideas turn in to reality. A vintage shop, online courses, their own fashion line, a book, an app.. the list goes on.  They are total advocates for homemade and vintage and I'll be honest.. I've felt so proud watching them grow and grow..

Bri Emery has the wonderful blog that is DesignLoveFest. Inspiration bursting out of every page Bri posts about design, interior, travel, food, clothes.. she creates her own style posts and also runs the incredibly successful BlogShop (a workshop all about photoshop) with her good friend Angela Kohler.  She is a graphic designer by trade but her blog has become so popular that now her blog has become a wonderful combination of everything she's passionate about... (also keep an eye out on BlogShop workshops because they sometimes come to London).. :)

Next up a few of my favourites on home turf..

Just the 6 of us..
I've known my gorgeous friend Zoe since I was 14 years old.  I've seen her have four beautiful children.. find the guy of her dreams and start a wonderful business.  We're two peas in a pod and most people think we're sisters which is fine absolutely fine by me.  She's also a lover of vintage, car boots and general old, pretty stuff and I love her and her family to pieces.  She also has a pretty nice selection of goodies in her shop 'Yellow Vintage' right now.. I say that but take no responsibility for what ends up in your basket.

Seeds and Stitches
Another gem is another wonderful lady who I met a few years ago in my first year of photographing weddings when I photographed her husband's sister's wedding. I remember arriving at Ray's (the Bride) house in the morning and falling in love with the house, their mates, their style.. I would have happily moved in on the spot. I've kept up to date with Hannah and her wonderful little family.. her great bunch of friends and watched in awe at their craft, sewing, cooking and upcycling skills. Hannah recently came up to take photos of our house and office with the lovely Kristy Noble (which I'll be blogging about at some point) and it was just like we were old friends.. non stop chatting.. :)

I don't tend to look at too many photography websites as it can get a bit all consuming but there are a couple that I come back to regularly.  Most of them are ones that I connect with on a personal level, can learn from and am inspired by..

Jasmine Star
This lovely lady is one hot entrepreneur in more ways than one. I've followed her blog for a long time now and admire her for her work ethic and her sheer determination. Her ambition is infectious and the fact that she's honest about her journey and is so open with her experiences and knowledge.. it's an absolute pleasure to watch her grow and become more successful. If you're a photographer she shares so much amazing tips and advice.. both with shooting and running your own business that you need her blog in your bookmarks bar.

Sue Bryce
I haven't been following Sue for too long but in the short time I've followed her blog she has made quite an impression. How Sue started is pretty similar to me and I immediately felt a connection to her journey. She has built her business from nothing and I admire her honesty, her courage and her natural business mind. She knows her shit because she understands her clients and she's not afraid to take risks.. even when there is something to lose. I actually bought her CreativeLive course and Pete said he thought she'd moved in to our house as I seemed to be watching it all the time... :) For me.. we are so busy with the business, especially over the summer months that you tend to be using all your energy on the here and now so it was good for me to be able to step out and just listen for a bit. Even if I already knew bits or felt I was actually doing things right.. you still learn so much and sometimes you just need things highlighted. I recommend having a read of her blog and if you can, watching her CreativeLive workshop too.. :)

Hope there's one here that you might not have come across yet.. :)



Through social media we always try and keep in touch with all our couples and now we're in our fourth year of shooting weddings we have quite a few couples all dotted around the country.. all enjoying the first few years of married life.  We watch them move house, new jobs and quite often make two.. three. This is incredible to watch and we somehow feel like proud parents having been with them on their wedding day and now watching the next chapter of their life begin.

Ahhhhhhh looooook at theeeeeeem...

It's amazing to see these little carbon copies of two people we love.. looking so much like both their Mama and their Pappa.  We see our Bride's eyes.. our Groom's smile and we want to tell each and every little one how beautiful their Mum and Dad looked on their wedding day.. how they smiled and laughed all day, how they told a whole room full of people just how much they love each other.. and how they danced like fools on the dance floor.  Then I think about in years to come when all these little ones will look at their Mum and Dad's wedding album.. laugh at the funny outfits and Dad's crazy hair and it makes me feel so proud that we are a part of that.


To be honest.. I'm not really sure what this is about...

If any more of our couples have had babies and haven't told us about it.. (you do remember what we said would happen if you didn't tell us).. then please send over some piccies and we'll add them to this post..

I just wish you all lived in Birmingham so I could plant a big squidgy kiss on each of those gorgeous cheeks...



..how's your Monday treat in' ya..?

Oh my.. I adore the colours in this polaroid..

Happy Monday folks!!!!


sunday songs..

I absolutely adore this song.  It's from one of my favourite bands.. and they live in Birmingham... and they're incredible live.. and they're super nice.  If you get the chance go see them.. :)

The wonderful Boat to Row..


my secret..

Anna Hardy Photography

I've actually got a secret.

I constantly avoid shooting.

That sounds crazy right?  I'm a photographer.  I love shooting.. I love being creative.. I love creating images.. I love meeting people.. I love giving beautiful images.. I love telling stories.  But... I avoid it.

This probably doesn't make any sense as we shoot over 30 weddings a year.. but you see weddings are different.  Have you ever had to go somewhere and you were kinda nervous (well, bricking it) about going? Worried about performing well and delivering the goods? Maybe even dreaded it slightly?  Then once you got there it was pretty much the most awesome thing you've ever, ever experienced, you love every second, you love everyone you meet and you wondered how on earth you ever felt worried about it in the first place?!? Well.. that's me.

I'm now kinda used to it with weddings and have to remind myself every Saturday morning how amazing I'm gonna feel in approximately two hours when I'm getting emotional watching my Bride get in to her wedding dress.. and then watching her marry her boy.. (maaaaan it really is the BEST thing in the world).. and what I've realised is that it's just fear.. and it's a good thing.. so long as it doesn't stop you from doing things.

But it has stopped me.  Opportunities to shoot outside weddings.. my first reaction is always.. we're too busy.  Yes we are busy.. and yes we're really busy over the Summer (and we're working on that for next year) but deep down I know that what I'm actually saying is "I'm too scared to shoot you".  I immediately have the fear.. I have to deliver.. I have to shoot well, I have to make them feel comfortable, I have to direct, where are we gonna shoot?, what's the light gonna be like? What happens if I freeze?  What happens if the images are no good? It's then all too easy for me to convince myself that I'm too busy.  It makes my life that little bit easier.

But that's shit isn't it.

And you know what.. the times that I have ignored that fear and said yes.. it's been pretty much the most awesome thing I've ever, ever experienced, I've loved every second, I loved everyone I met and I wondered how on earth I felt worried about it in the first place.

So I'm going to stop closing myself off to things.  I'm going to start saying yes.  I'm not going to be scared to shoot.. I'm not going to be 'too busy'.. because when you open yourself up you experience more, you share, you feel and you create the most incredible memories.. not only for the people you are photographing.. but for us too.


come and join us..

Waaaaaaaaaaah! We are now SOLD OUT for our London workshop in October but still have places available in MANCHESTER on TUESDAY 8TH OCTOBER so if you want to come join us then book your place quick!

Welcome Home has become so much more than just a workshop.. it's a great big gorgeous family and we want others to have the opportunity to be involved in this growing community too.. :)

So what is the workshop about?

The Welcome Home Workshop will focus on developing your artistic voice, finding your niche market, understanding and developing your brand, valuing the client experience, managing expectations and staying inspired.

Within these topics I will also be covering...
- My artistic Style
- Attracting your ideal client
- Understanding your 'why'
- Marketing
- Shooting
- Post Processing
- Pricing
- Workflow
- Client relationships and experience

To have a little look at some of the workshops that have been before have a look HERE... and HERE!

But it's not just about what you experience on the day.  Welcome Home has become a strong community of supportive photographers who share advice and experiences... they second shoot for each other and are even shooting each other's weddings.  I'm proud to be a part of such a wonderfully supportive and positive bunch of mo fos.. 

So if you decide to come along.. Welcome Home also gives you..
  • Immediate access to the Facebook group
We now have a total of 70 homies in the group.  They chat every day asking questions and offering each other advice and have been on hand for each other whether that's a pricing issue or needing to borrow kit for a wedding... oh and they also like a good laugh and a good dance.. :)
This 2 day retreat was born out of the homies wanting to get together.. especially as many of them attended different workshops but felt like they knew each other from the FB group.  So in April it was Welcome Break time!  We headed to a wonderful farm in Warwick and slept in Yurts and teepees.. ate good food, played rounders, danced and did the conga.. and then hated it when we had to leave.  It was better than we ever could have imagined and we can't wait for the next one!
  • Exclusive opportunities for one to one mentoring sessions
Starting in 2014 I will be offering homies one to one mentoring sessions as part of Welcome Home.  After the workshop it's always incredible to watch attendees build, develop and make changes to their businesses and I think a natural progression is to spend some time looking at the effect of these changes.. what's working.. what maybe isn't working so well.. and why.  These sessions will be tailored to you and will be offered exclusively to attendees of Welcome Home.

Both Manchester and London workshops are limited to 15 places.  A few of you have emailed to ask if you can pay in instalments so we wanted to let peeps know that if you'd like to come and join us in MANCHESTER then you can secure your place now with a £200 deposit with the remaining amount due by the 1st October.. :)

If you would like to pay in instalments then please email at info@emmacasephotography.com.  Also if you're worried about where you're at with your business and if the workshop is right for you, then... don't.. :)  Just drop me an email (I promise I don't bite) and we can go from there.. 

Here's a few words from past attendees..

"I'd long been an admirer of Emma's work and her attitude towards wedding photography, and was starting to hit my stride with my own fledgling photography business when she announced she'd be doing workshops. I'd done a handful of photography workshops before but knew this one would have a lot more soul, would probably attract a good, like-minded crowd and would be less 'all about the gear' and more 'all about the love of it'. 
I was at a point where I'd photographed around a dozen weddings and was really enjoying it - but I wanted to find out where I could improve, talk about the business side of things (and check I was doing things right) and get a bit of insight into what sparks Emma's, as well as the other nine Homies', imaginations and creativity. On the day we had an overview of running a photography business, how to improve your own service and clients' experiences; a couples' shoot where Emma explained how she works and how she puts people at ease while she poses them, and a lot of the day was spent brainstorming and learning from each other too, as well as telling stories from our own experiences. By the end of the day we had explored all areas; we'd all laughed, a few of us cried and I walked away with a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach that finally I could feel confident enough to really do my own thing, and that everything would be alright in the end. 10 months on, everyone who has been part of the growing Welcome Home community discusses ideas, opinions and asks each other for help and advice on a daily basis. I've never been so happy to be part of something, and attending the Welcome Home workshop is definitely up there as one of my best business decisions so far. BIG LOVE TO EMMA AND PETE."

"Home to me is where you can be yourself, you can be free and feel loved for who you are and what you are and what you do. This amazing day made me feel so at home in a room full of people I had never met before that felt like family by the end of the day.
Emma you spoke from your heart, we saw your passion, what gives you butterflies.
You made me feel butterflies and the biggest thing for me? you made me realise that it's ok to just be me behind my camera.
There it is.
Welcome Home."

So what are you waiting for????  We would absolutely love to see you there!


spinnin' around..

I'm not gonna lie.. July was crazy town.  It was probably one of the busiest months we've ever had with weddings that literally book ended the country every week.. up to The Lakes and back.. back up to the Lakes the following week.. down to Rye in Kent.. up to the West coast of Scotland.. then Worcester.. Kent.. Surrey.  We are Service Station connoisseurs.. Premier Inn regulars.

Fridays are travel days.. shoot the wedding Saturday.. drive home that night.. Sunday lie like broccoli amongst camera bags and unpacked overnight bags (literally I am fit for nutin').. then try and cram in culling, editing (a lot of weddings), backing up, emails, enquiries, blogging, invoicing, sending weddings to blogs, meeting couples, Engagement Shoots.. (oh and try to still see friends and not ignore every text that I get - sorry guys).. all before Friday smacks us in the face again. No, but seriously Monday to Thursday reeeeeeeally isn't long enough.. AT ALL.

Oh and let's just decide to sell our house too shall we? In peak wedding season?  With only two weekends off until November?  Ohhhh go on then!

I am officially mental.

Ps. Pete read this post and said that I sound like I'm moaning.. hmmmm.. I suppose I am a bit.. but not with the work.. the weddings have been super duper spine tinglingly awesome.. it's just the distinct lack of enough days in the week that's the problem.


Happy Tuesday!

So a double wedding weekend this weekend.. with an impromptu stay at the second wedding to get drunk (one of our other couples were also there as guests).. then back home yesterday and we are definitely pooped... but extremely happy.

So Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

Maaaaaan.. I love my little Cadet.. :)


vote for Pedro..

Woop! We've been nominated for Best Wedding Photographer by the lovely peeps at Perfect Wedding Magazine!! (busts some sweet ass moves)

So.. yeah.. this bit sucks balls but would you guys mind if we said.. if you had a spare sec could you vote for us?

I bloody hate asking.. like REALLY HATE asking.. but this time I really want to win.  Because of Pete.  That boy gets nowhere near the amount of recognition he deserves for what he does for our little business and if we win I'm gonna bloody hang it round his neck and make up a song and sing it to him.  You see some peeps still think that this gig is mainly just me.. I'm guessing the 'Emma Case Photography' bit doesn't really clear it up much.. but this couldn't be more wrong.  This gig is US.. Emma and Pete... equally. We both shoot.. and I was about to say.. we both email but actually Pete talks to our couples, he invoices, he organises getting to weddings.. schedules.. tax.. invoices.. actually.. sometimes I wonder what I actually do!?!?  One thing I do know is that I couldn't have done any of it without him. He is bloody incredible to work with.  On a wedding day he has my back and makes my job the easiest thing in the world.  In the office he organises shit.  Like everything.  Oh and at home he's also the cook and I reckon the washing up gets done maybe 60 Pete 40 me.  I'm telling you.. this guy is amazing.  He is also THE friendliest guy you'll ever meet.. he hugs everyone and means it every single time and he makes all our couples feel like we've known them for years.  He also doesn't give a shit about all the bullshit.. only has time for the good stuff and cares deeply about giving every single one of our couples the best experience ever.

But because people associate the business with me (again, yep the name'll do it) Pete sometimes gets overlooked.. but he deserves so much more... I just wish 'We are the Smyths' had a better ring to it.. ;)

So I just wanna put it out there..

He's awesome.

..and fit.


ellie and ed {part one}

Oh I'll break them down, no mercy shown 
Heaven knows, it's got to be this time, 
Avenues all lined with trees, 
Picture me and then you start watching, 
Watching forever, forever, 
Watching love grow, forever, 
Letting me know, forever.
                                  Ceremony, New Order

What a magical day....