the insignificants..

To a lot of people this is a photograph of just some doors.. an insignificant detail on a day full of so many significant details.  What's the point of including this in a couple's wedding photos?  It has nothing to do with a wedding..

It has everything to do with a wedding.

When you read a story.. or watch a play you are given so much detail but there is also so much that we ourselves create.. we fill, we imagine, we decide, we see.. for us that story is so much bigger than just the lines spoken or the words on the page.

I love this image. Behind these doors is the boy you're about to marry. Behind these doors are the friends and family that all root for you.  Behind these doors is your commitment.. your decisions.. your beginning.. your team.. your future..

Behind these doors is your story..

Now tell me this photograph is insignificant.


sneak peek..

So my gorgeous Bride Holly married her equally gorgeous Groom Richard Wood.. :)

How hot does the new Mrs Holly Wood look!!


sarah and gareth {wedding}

Sarah sends me the best emails. Every single one goes something like this..

Emmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaa and Peeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttteeeeeee!!!!!!

OH. MY. WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How'd the rest of Feb treat you pair? House all sorted and painted and looking spruced and spangly? How's Maximo diddling? Ooooooh have you done anymore workshops yet? They sound inspiringly wonderful :o)
Anyhoo, my dinners on the table (I'm a lucky gal!) so better dash!
BIG LOVING xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(and I actually cut quite a few of the xxx's out)

She's ace.. and so is Gareth.  They are both simply good people..  who have instantly become friends.. and their wedding was also ace.. because there was as Steam Train (I know!!!!).. and good food.. and lego figures as favours.. and a London Bus and so many smiles and so much love..

Seriously.. what more would you want???