calling all couples..

We are looking for three lovely couples to model for us at our upcoming Welcome Home Workshops! We have three locations and are looking for one cute couple per location..

Edinburgh - Monday 5th November
Bristol - Thursday 8th November
London - Saturday 10th November

If you're interested then email info@emmacasephotography.com with your location and a photo attached please!

You'll get lots of lovely photos.. you'll be fed and watered and an invite to the pub afterwards.  Good times.


crazy times..

You know when everyone else seems to be slowing down, going on holiday and shooting their last few weddings and you seem to be actually doing the opposite... yeah... that.

We have a week of five weddings.. I then head to France to catch up with the From Our Hearts ladies and then when I get back we are flying head first in to our Welcome Home Workshop road trip.. we have the most amazing group of people coming along and I am literally bursting with excitement to meet everyone.. but first there is, like... A MILLION THINGS TO DO!?!?!?


imogen and ed {wedding}

Oh my.. this wedding was an absolute joy from start to finish. The morning of the wedding we headed up to the marquee to have a little look around and I got major goosebumps.. the sun was out, people were milling about setting things up and I walked in to the marquee and Imogen's amazing styling blew me away.. this girl is hands down.. AMAZING.

..and the sun stayed out all day.. and everyone ate amazing food, drank and danced.. and we drove away that evening loving our job just a little bit more than we did already..