life lately...

I haven't really got too many Christmas photos to be honest as I spent all of Christmas either sat in my pj's on the sofa or running (yes, running.. even on Christmas Day!). So a lot of these Instagram pics are from the month that was December..

This year (well, last year) we went for a yummy teal tree from Paperchase.. it took me three attempts walking in to the shop to actually buy it.. (was I doing the right thing.. it's not GREEN?!?) but in the end we gave it a home and I LOVED it!

Since January has arrived I've been on a bit of a mad.. 'tidy all the things' phase in the house.. everything is either being cleared out or painted.. including our kitchen cupboards (which I decided to 'test' tonight and now the kitchen looks like CBeebies).

We tasted the delight that was the Meatshack burger (BEST burger I've ever had, fact) at the fabulous Digmas.. which was held literally under our office at the Custard Factory and we even managed to bump in to Thimble & Fred too.. :)

We headed to Liverpool for the weekend before Christmas (all my family live there) and spent two days realising just how Scouse all my family actually are.. just add 'ieeeeeees' to any word.. my Dad's most used is "The wildieeeeeees'.. and you have to guess what that stands for... ;)

But most importantly... we met Stephen (who belongs to Shutterbox Films).  It was a long time overdue and yes.. he is the absolute nuts.


  1. oh God ...LOVE Stephen ....and no wildieeeeees in our ouse :) Happy new year lovely x

  2. Your pictures of Stephen on instagram made me laugh. Happy new year! :)

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