the introducing page..

Over the past year or so we've been so fortunate to work with so many talented and inspiring people.. whether they are designers, illustrators, entrepreneurs or crafters.. and afterwards I spend the next fortnight showing off their stuff to anyone who will listen.. so I thought I would create a new little feature called.. "The Introducing Page".. to celebrate these talented peeps and to make sure everyone from here to the moon knows about them..

So first up.. I would like to introduce the super talented Blanka Biernat!!!.. (you may know her from our London Welcome Home Workshop - she was our gorgeous model).. she is a self taught illustrator/photographer working out of her South London flat.  As a thank you gift for taking part in the workshop Blanka sent me and Pete an illustration.. OF US!!

OH MY GOD.. IT IS ACTUALLY US.. I was. blown. away.

Aghhhhhhhh!! AMAZING isn't it!!! We love it SO much and cannot believe how like us it is... the girl has talent huh?

Blanka explains.. "I love to draw and could do it for hours.  I mostly draw characters using primarily ink and then colour in digitally.  My work is mostly inspired by people I know or find interesting, books, movies and fashion culture.  It all started when I decided to draw a better version of myself and it came out nice.."

"I've recently been commissioned to draw couples illustrations and I loved designing them!  These have proven to be a lovely Anniversary or Valentines gift and are also perfect for wedding stationery: all are crafted to match each couple and are one of a kind."

Oh my god!! Look who it is!!...

I think they are the PERFECT gift for your Husband/Wife to be.. or for a friend who is getting married.  They are SO personal.. and such beautiful pieces of art to hang on your wall.. we actually want two copies.. one for the house and one for the office!! 

If you are interested in a commision then please get in touch with the gorgeous Blanka at blankabiernat@googlemail.com. I have a feeling she's going to have a busy 2013..


  1. Just emailed Blanka, thank you for sharing, just love her work and that picture of you and Pete is perfect!!!!

  2. Awesome work! And what a great idea to give Blanka a shout out through your page! Love it! Can't wait to see who's gonna be next;)

  3. arghhh totally more than amazing - have just emailed her.......i utterly LOVE her work xxxx

  4. Soooo gorgeous! My email is winging its way to her!

  5. I'll definitely be in touch - The perfect present for hubby. Thanks for sharing x

  6. Wow - what a crazy beautiful talent - these blow my mind :)

  7. I absolutely LOVE these. Want one so bad. Nnnng! Amazing :)