welcome home workshops 2013

Now that the turkey has been eaten (and the chocolates.. and the mince pies) and a shiny new year is upon us I thought I'd let you guys know that we have some Welcome Home Workshops coming up in March.. (which is coming round pretty fast!).  I honestly cannot believe that we now have a group of nearly 50 Homies that have all attended the workshop.. and seeing them support and encourage each other in the Welcome Home Facebook group has been incredible.. I think it's definitely time for a little reunion maybe... :)

It's been absolutely amazing watching Welcome Home grow and develop and to actually see how much people are taking away... whilst you plan you always hope that they will discover and learn but it has gone beyond every expectation.  I can honestly say that homies have walked away from the workshop not only with practical tools but with new found confidence, direction, enthusiasm, fire in their bellies, support and friendship.  I'm proud as punch to watch all the new things they are implementing into their businesses, their ambitious attitudes and their total support to each other... it's bloody ace...

So if you are thinking of joining the gang then you can find out a little bit more on the WELCOME HOME WEBSITE.. and if you want to see what other groups have got up to then you can see HERE and HERE..

Also if you're thinking of waiting to see if there will be a workshop in your city.. these will be the last few workshops for a while now as me and Pete are planning on travelling a bit at the end of the year so I'd BOOK YOUR PLACE now!

This will be a half day workshop which will include topics from the full day workshop excluding the photography shoot with the couple, my post processing and workflow.  It will be specifically tailored for anyone with a creative business and we want you to come away from the day, not only with practical tools for your business but also buckets of inspiration and support.. we would love for you to be a part of this growing community.. and we don't think you should have to use a camera to be part of it! :)

Chris Barber Photography

This workshop will focus on developing your artistic voice, finding your niche market, understanding and developing your brand, connecting with your 'why', valuing the client experience, managing expectations and staying inspired.. 

So if you are NON-PHOTOGRAPHER and are interested in coming to our first WELCOME HOME CREATIVES Workshop one then you can book your place HERE...

Please note that this workshop is much smaller and has no technical aspects of photography therefore, for photographers this is a very different workshop from our Welcome Home Workshop.  If you have any questions about either workshop then please email at info@emmacasephotography.com


  1. Hello lovely! Do you need any volunteer couple for the shoot? Ed and I would love to be involved if you do!

  2. Any chance you'll make it to the states in the future??