house makeover..

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that we've been doing a bit of decorating the past few weeks.. well, we're trying to make the most of being a little quieter in January and getting some things done before wedding season really kicks off.  The main thing for us was the house.. we've had this little house for a number of years now but have rented it out a few times, done a lot of quick fixes.. and now it really feels the right time to make it our home.  Over this quiet period I've really been thinking about this coming wedding season and how I want it to be on a daily basis.. it can be very easy to work every day.. all day and then all weekends and before you know it 7 months have whizzed by and all you've done is work.  In previous years I've always preferred to stay at the office.. I loved working and what I had to come home to wasn't what I would call my home.. it had all my stuff in it but I didn't love it.  It was practical.. sleep there and dump my stuff there.. that's what it became.  So this year is all about enjoying my space.  I want to want to come home of an evening.. to slouch around on a Sunday.. to have people round.. I want to make it as inviting as my work is.. and the first step is to decorate..

You'd think we had a mansion for how much mess we've made but it's slowly starting to come together... although my non existent patience doesn't really help the process as I want to dress everything before paint is dry and am so ridiculously indecisive that pretty much everything has had about 9 coats of paint in a rainbow of colours until I can decide..

In the past any time we've decorated I've always played it safe.. this house isn't our forever house so I always steered away from doing exactly what I wanted as I didn't want to put people off if we were going to sell.. well.. we've now been in the house for about 6 years now so I've actually just wasted all that time when I could have had it how I wanted it.. so no more waiting.. :)

I also love it that I've finally been able to find a home for all the things I've been collecting.. the mustard sofa was an ebay purchase.. most of the frames and pictures were from car boots and flea markets and my favourite is the kitchen wall unit that we found in a skip.. obviously they all have to have Maximo's seal of approval before they are permanent members of the family..

We've still got a little way to go.. there's still rooms to paint and we're getting carpet and a new kitchen floor which I'm actually fighting to contain myself on how happy that makes me.. it is so long overdue and I literally cannot wait for it to all be finished and for me to come home from the office and enjoy our little home..


  1. Love it. It's so nice to have a beautiful home to come home to, especially after being out all day working hard. :)

  2. Just discovered your blog and I've been reading it all afternoon (don't tell my boss!) What you said about your house not being your 'forever home' is exactly how we feel about ours. We've been in our house for 6 years too, we were supposed to do it up very neutrally and sensibly and then sell it on (6 years later we still have that massive hole in the ceiling where you can see the loft above, concrete on the bathroom floor while we are waiting to do the tiling and stuff in boxes in the spare room cupboard!) I think its about time that we pull our fingers out!

    ps. I just made our house seem so much worse than it actually is! There are lots of nice bits too!