rachel simpson shoes

Spending the day surrounded by pretty shoes is ace. Spending the day taking pictures of said pretty shoes with a wonderful team is even better. This is the second shoot I've done for the (most lovely, kind, warm and friendly) Rachel Simpson and again I was lucky to work with Makeup by Jodie (the fabulous MUA) and the two loveliest models Lana and Verity. The day was spent giggling, eating coissants and pretty much playing dress up in the most gorgeous Highbury Hall. We also had the wonderful Fur Coat No Knickers, Timeless Couture, Caroline Atelier and The Wedding Club donate stunning dresses and Laurel Lime and Sharper Millinary finished things off beautifully with some gorgeous accessories... I love these shoots... and I love this team too...


  1. Phwoar! Shoe love! Brings back memories of the first Designer Vintage Bridal Show too. How lovely x

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Your new blog is AMAAAAAAAAZING, it's SO YOU and absolutely perfect, I love it!!!! This shoot is beyond glorious Emma, soooo beautiful. You Londoners know how to do it. I secretly wish it was me in one of those gorgeous dresses, I would die to wear a 50s party dress. Although coming upto our 10 year anniversary, what a lovely excuse to get dressed up...hehe. Love love love!

  3. Gorgeous, beautiful and every word that means pretty! x