..and we have LIFT OFF!!!!!!!

Holy smokes!! The website is LIVE!!!!!!

Please don't look... oh, ok you can look.. no don't look.. aghhhh!!! It's been a long time in the making and to be honest I don't wanna ramble on too much but really I'm just trying to keep you from going on it because... it's SUPER SCARY!   It's scary knowing that you all can see it, you can all see me and what I'm about.. but that's exactly why it's also a good thing, a fantastic thing because the new website, the new blog.. it's exactly me..  it's everything that I'm about and I'm so proud of it.


Kelty, you are amazing.


  1. It looks amazing!! Well done! :) x

  2. Emma! The site looks amazing! Well done to you and Pete.
    I often look at your blog & your pictures are always beautiful!
    Caz xxx

  3. Emma!!!!!! This is so you, so gorgeous and so brilliant! I loooove your new Website, blog, workshop page! I'm glad you waited for just the right time. Maybe one day I will get mine done too ;)! So proud of you!

  4. About time too! It is gorgeous. You are such an inspiration. But then you know that :P

  5. YEYEYEYEYEYEY! That is all. x

  6. This is simply stunning Em, very beautiful and very YOU. Sums up what you do and who you are perfectly. Well done to you both, it's a real credit to you as a couple and your business, built with love.


  7. Emma it looks fantastic. I absolutely love it. Definitely suits you and your wonderful style. Perfectly. I don't know what you were worrying about, you silly sausage. x

  8. Emma, It is fab, just like you!! Be proud!!

  9. it looks beautiful! i got a new webby too! how fab for the both of us! www.kyliemcmichael.co.uk x

  10. I nearly puked its so beautiful!

    (Quite giddy and honoured that my feet feature under your facebook picture)

    Mama Wolf