things are a changin'...

You may or may not have noticed already but there's about to be a few changes around here.. the blog has had a lovely little facelift thanks to the most wonderful and crazy talented Kelty (I love this lady a ton)  from The Weaver House (formally known as Steep Street) and now that I have such a pretty blog I promise to use it a whole lot more... scouts honour.  

A rebrand has been pretty overdue for a while (a very long while) but I'm really glad I've waited.  I know who I am as a photographer and where I want to go so much more now and feel excited and ready to embrace the next chapter... so watch this space for a brand new website, lots of weddings, a heap more personal stuff and some workshop and office news... it's all a bit bloody exciting!!
Think we might need a lie down.
Image of us by Featherlove


  1. I am so excited for you guys!
    Can not wait to see what this year has in store for you and fingers crossed we get to hang out a bit more.

  2. Well doesn't this just look lovely? So pretty Ms Emma-I can't wait to see what you've had waiting in the wings! x

  3. Loving the new look, and I can't wait to see the new site!

  4. Love the colour and tone of your new designs and really Emma, its so very YOU! Thats what I like about it the most actually! Love the "Welcome Home" too. It makes me feel all snug and cosy, just like your little abode and the way you do life and friendship. Cant wait to see the website.I know we will all be drooling and wanting to eat homemade cake and drink cups of tea! x x Charis, O & Wibbly x