The new blog design has given me such a boost to blog more! It was beginning to feel like a bit of a chore last year, especially as I had the old style of blogger which pretty much meant uploading one photo at a time and physically changing the size of each image in the html code... (yup, massive ball ache).. and when you have about 120 images from a wedding to blog it really isn't fun. But now it's a hell of a lot easier and I LOVE my new blog design so much.. any excuse to post is good! So.. I'm trying my hand at a few mood boards.. I joined pinterest a few months ago and can quite happily admit that I am seriously addicted.  I love my boards, I love my pins, I love pinning...  But there is one slight drawback.. hence my first mood board...
Things I've pinned and ended up buying... (oh dear)...

1.  Antique Floral handle
2. Jamaica Curve Heel Glitz Shoes
3. Autumn Silk Dress (in the sale reduced from £145 to £45!)
4. Lucca Pleated Midi Skirt (in the sale reduced from £55 to £10!)
5. Floral Cushion Cover
6. Sheer Floral Dress
7. Leather bow in Gold
To have a look at what I'll no doubt be buying in the next few months check out my pinterest boards.. but I take no responsibility for what you might then buy because of it.


  1. nice new blog layout! mmm, pinterest, yes highly addictive, but wonderful!

  2. Whoop to the updated blog! Look forward to seeing the full shebang, loving the florals.

    I'm glad you put the warning in this post. It should be bigger and bright red though...

    I'm off to hunt the floral cushion down.. xo

  3. oh the shoes... oh my... my feet need them