agnes and norman..

Not sure I can call this work at all to be honest.. hanging out in Brighton for a few days with a great bunch of peeps.. some gorgeous clothes and the most amazing shoes.. oh and the only few days of sunshine to make an appearance back in February (it was literally snowing the week before and the week after!)

Agnes and Norman is the most beautiful new shoe range from one of my good friends Rachel Simpson (you might know her for her beautiful Bridal shoes).. they are vintage inspired in the most gorgeous colours.. all easily wearable as an every day shoe (even me who cannot do heels to save my life!).  The shoes are that gorgeous that I actually cried when she showed me them first time round.. I was just so proud of her and to be honest.. it's SO difficult to find the kind of shoes you have in your head.. I'm just so bloody chuffed that finally someone listened.. :)

So here's a few shots from the shoot.. it was such an amazing team.. running around Brighton.. chasing the sunset.. eating icecream.. and of course we might have done karaoke one evening.. ;)

A big thanks to Rachel Simpson, Bran Cook for super duper organisation, stunning make-up by Make-up by Jodie, the most phenomenal styling from Elizabeth Avey and her husband Phil, assistant photographer Joanna Poulton and then our four gorgeous models.. Abigail Poulton, Lauren Crace, Joe Winnard and my gorge hubby Pete..

We had a lot of fun..

Oh and I have a pair of Daisy in Mustard.. they are my favourite shoes EVER!!!


  1. I have an unhealthy obsession with how gorgeous this photo shoot is (as evidenced by my Pinterest pins!).

    The chemistry between the "couple" is hot, if they aren't together in real life they should be!


  2. Those photos are stunning! The last one is so unforgettable and beautiful x

    The Young Bridget Jones
    Katrina Sophia Art

  3. wow stunning, love the mood in all the photos, quite unique :)

  4. Brighton is the best! and these photos came out really well!

  5. I adore this shoot. It's so editorial. Just stunning, missus.

  6. awesome awesome awesome photos ms case!

  7. Love this - beautiful shoes, blue skys and happy faces - an amazing shoot, nice one.

  8. great set of colors

    Let me invite you to our photographic gallery. We constantly look for new artists!!

  9. the pictures are AWWWWWWW , really great work :)

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