Let's all go on a summer holiday.. :)

This is actually the first time that we've been on holiday in just over 5 years. We didn't have a honeymoon after the wedding and have been so ridiculously busy with the business that we just never quite managed to squeeze one in.. so now, as you can imagine.. I'm ridiculously excited that we've booked a week in Morocco and we go in about 3 weeks time.. yup.. in peak wedding season!?!? Aghhhhhh!!

One of the nicest things I've found this time round is actually shopping for my holiday.. getting some nice beachwear and a few things to wear of an evening.. and today I have to say.. I have completely fallen back in love with Topshop again. I used to love Topshop and it was always my first point of call for everything.. but over the past few years it seemed all the clothes were for for petite 20 year olds and it felt quite disappointing to walk in and feel like it wasn't your shop anymore.. I had kinda given up to be honest but today I walked in and for the first time in a loooong time pretty much liked everything! I literally skipped to the changing room with about 8 items and loved them all! I just really hope Topshop stays like this and realises that over 25's.. (well, maybe even over 30's) still wanna shop there..

Here's a few things I've come home with and a few more things that are definitely still on the holiday list.. :)

A , B , C , D , E , F , G


  1. Love A and E! I know what you mean about Topshop, it definitely went through a dodgy phase.

  2. that dress is nice! i went into the Reading one the other day and it was still a bit meh though, really short short skirts and tiny dresses. I did buy yet another giant flower crown though!

  3. Yay have a faboo holiday!

    Know exactly what you mean about Topshop - it's depressing enough that I'm the largest size they stock, but when I went in on a shopping trip a couple of months ago and there were literally only v. short size 6-10 things on the rails, and seemingly everything had 'peekaboo' holes cut in it!

    Went in yesterday for a nose, and saw at least 10 things I loved - why weren't they there when I had pennies to spend?!