a beautiful mess...

If you spend any time browsing the internet, reading blogs.. then you most definitely will have come across A Beautiful Mess.. the lifestyle blog of Elsie and Emma, two crafting and thrifting sisters from Springfield, Missouri.

They've been blogging now for five years and I've been an every day reader from before I even started this little photography business.  I've watched the blog grow... watched them build their vintage shop.. design their own clothing line.. watched Elsie get married.. move house.. and with every new project.. with every new adventure you would cheer them on a little more.. and it might sound silly.. but you end up feeling super proud of all their achievements..

So when they announced they had a new photo app I was cheering them on loudly from the sidelines.. and once I downloaded it I will happily admit that I was HOOKED!

You can add custom text in a selection of fonts.. there's pre-drawn doodles.. photo borders.. and a selection of phrases in Elsie's cute handwriting..

I just can't stop!!!

Aghhhhhh I LOVE it!!!!

Cute huh!

You can download A Beautiful Mess photo app from the iTunes store now or search 'A Beautiful Mess' in the app store.. I think you might get hooked too.. :)

You can also find me on instagram at @emmacase

* Photos above of me and Pete by Jesh de Rox and Marianne Taylor


  1. So many funny and lovely photos collection. Your photos are really interesting !!

  2. he does AMAZING work. We are so beyond pleased with our pictures. They are absolutely beautiful. dossaniplus

  3. you are totally HOOKED! this ap has been all over by instagram feed since they released it (er like yesterday!? crazy its spread like wildfire!) I'm bummed its not an android yet but elsie promises me it's in the works. yey!

  4. I loved looking at instagram yesterday and seeing all these photos pop up.

  5. Lovely post! I too am an avid 'A Beautiful Mess' fan and was SO excited when they announced the app and brought it straight away!

    Not only does it live up to my expectations, it exceeds them! It does SO much!

    But I must say the way you have used it, really shows what a great creative you are, as well as photographer! You've created such a variety with it already!

    If it wasn't for the fact that I'm tech-ing for a photography A2 exam today, I'd be out playing with it myself!!!

  6. I want that app sooooooo badly, but I have an android not an iphone. I know they're working on an android app too so I just have to wait impatiently. Ha.

  7. Oh my! How is this the first I have heard of this?


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