A Bit More Soul..

I say this quite a bit but this job smacks me in the face an awful lot.. like literally.. a massive smack right up in my face kinda stuff.. and at every turn you try to take it all in.. try to remember.. to stop and look around.. appreciate the journey.. the huge steps that you take.

This job, the people we connect with through this job and the places it ends up taking us blows me away every single day.

I actually cannot believe I'm saying this but we have been invited to speak in New Zealand.

In friggin' New Zealand.

In November a bunch of wonderfully creative, open, warm and honest photographers are getting together to share, learn, create and laugh (a lot) and we are so overwhelmingly excited to share our story and meet a bunch of amazing people.

A Bit More Soul is a four day retreat at the most amazing Boomrock in Wellington.. and we'll be speaking alongside six incredible photographers, all at different stages of their careers... sharing our stories, shooting, playing and most importantly.. switching off and experiencing..

We actually don't know how we're going to get to November without bursting with excitement.

If you are over that side of the world (or even if you're not).. there are still a few spots left and we would LOVE to see you there..



  1. that is so wonderfully amazing!!! congratulations and well done!! you DEFINITELY deserve it!! xxx

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