the Define School

The Define School is a wonderful online school for evolving photographers.  Their mission? To provide online courses for both professionals and hobbyists. A place for individual artists to flourish.. an online community where evolving photographers could go to connect, learn and grow.  There are a wonderful collection of talented instructors sharing their experiences of running successful businesses in the arts and they are all there to share their story.

But simply imparting information is not the goal.  Students are equipped with knowledge and then encouraged to use it to create their own path.. to achieve total authenticity. And by connecting with other artists, they in turn, learn more about themselves.

The Define School also has a journal with a regular feature called 'What I Have To Say..' I am hugely honoured to be a part of this amazing community and immensely enjoyed writing something that had no real agenda.. just.. simply.. something I wanted to say..

You can read the full article HERE I also recommend reading through the whole of the journal and signing up for some classes.. these are good people with lots of good stuff to say.. :)

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