dave and jenn...

So about 5 years ago.. before I picked up a camera I spent a year working for a Teacher Recruitment Agency in-between acting jobs. Two Canadian teachers came over, Jenn and Dave (aka The Starks) and I would be the one to have to call them in the morning and send them trekking across the delights of Birmingham to their day of supply teaching.  After about a year their time came to an end in England and they returned to Canada and I got an acting job and started to learn Sign Language.

Fast forward a few months.. I picked up a camera.. Jenn did too. After a little while we both started to shoot weddings.. both our businesses grew.. Dave joined Jenn and they became a husband and wife team.. me and Pete did the same.  Over the past 5 years our individual journeys have evolved and blossomed but have beautifully synced and followed a wonderful parallel path.  Along the way we have both discovered similar things about ourselves and our relationships.. been drawn to the same people.. been led by our hearts.. have fallen in love with our couples and have furociously cheered each other on from the sidelines.

So when they said they were coming over to England this Summer to visit Jenn's Grandparents we jumped at the chance to be reunited after 5 years and to actually just hang out.  We laughed, we climbed to the top of a hill,  we cooked (well, Dave cooked), we talked non-stop about what is important to us as people... and I know that for us the internet has been incredible and has made this world a much smaller place.. it's built our business, it's connected us to so many wonderful and talented souls.. but sometimes you have to log out, shut down and just go look at their faces for real.

Dave and Jenn.. thank you for making the effort to come and see us and thank you so much for taking some photos of us yesterday.. it was such a lovely experience to step away from everything and be given the opportunity to reflect on all the things we've achieved together as a couple and just to give us a moment to stop looking ahead for a second and to turn and look at each other.

We love you guys very much.


  1. Emma I've been following your work now for a couple months, Jenn and Dave's for a few years. The internet is a very small world that keeps us all connected. I hope you had a wonderful visit with the Canadians I love them!

  2. you two are the best. won't ever forget our time. love you so much xx