dance your ass off..

Ellie and Ed's dancing shots are getting blogged first because a) there are no rules b) if there were rules.. they're meant to be broken.

Not sure I've ever been so proud watching Pete and his band (The Rebel party Band) bring the party.  EVERYONE danced.. and everyone kept dancing.  Then to get an email after the wedding from Ellie's parents thanking them for making a good wedding.. a great wedding.. well say hello to one very proud wife.  Pete also took photos all day and their van broke down on the way home so he got home about 5am... he needed some sort of wedding vendor extraordinaire medal that day..

I'll be blogging the rest of Ellie and Ed's GORGEOUS wedding next week.. possibly in two parts as there is SO much goodness... :)

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  1. love your photography Emma! such a lovely wedding!xxx Marzena