sneak peek..

We absolutely love Ronny and Craig... I promise it's not just because they have a camper... it's because they are incredibly lovely and an absolute pleasure to spend five minutes with them, let alone a whole day.

You know what I was saying about loving these guys... this is how much Pete loved Craig...

Nuff said.


  1. The cute couple, the dress, the owning of a campervan, your husband, your photography skills and you = all awesome!

  2. OI! That's MY dress! The one I'd wear again if I had the chance. Totally beautiful. I like your quirky group shot too. Sweet! x

  3. It's MY dress! I'm so excited by these pictures, can't wait to see the rest xxx

  4. That dress is amazing!
    Love that group shot, think that might be one of my favourites of yours.