Maddy & Ali

Ok... so I'm gonna mention it once and then that's it ok? Maddy and Ali were married on the 29th April 2011... the same as that other lovely couple Will and Kate... and boy oh boy did they give them a run for their money!
They were married at Fawsley Hall near Daventry and as we approached and happened upon the Union Jack bunting... the 'Keep calm and carry on' signs and the gorgeous red carpet heading into the ceremony venue I knew a) they had a sense of humour about the whole thing and b) there was going to be shed load of gorgeousness for us to photograph!
Nicola headed to the boys and I headed up to Maddy and the girls who were all sat watching Kate Middleton's entrance to the church in their pj's... all except Maddy who had the most fabulous bodice on... maaaan.. Maddy is hot! Make-up was applied, bridesmaids were dressed and then Maddy into her beautiful wedding dress and veil... we all just kept looking at her!
The boys on the other hand were busy getting presents from Ali and then headed up to meet and greet their guests.
The ceremony was held in the Georgian Knightley Court and once Maddy and Ali became Mr and Mrs Wheelan everyone drank champers and were treated to icecream from a bright yellow icecream van! A group shot with some Union Jack flags (of course) and then we whisked the newlyweds off for some couple shots within the gardens.
Dinner was served in the Saunders Room but before that guests were treated to a grand entrance (with dancing) from the groomsman, bridesmaids, best men and the happy couple to the likes of 'Here comes the girls' and 'Usher'. We then had the most astonishing speeches which included a power point presentation by Ali (which included the spoof Royal wedding by T-Mobile) and a video of quite a large proportion of the stag do from the Best Men! A pub quiz followed with 'Maddy and Ali' memorabilia mugs as prizes and then everyone was given an hour to relax before the evening do started.
This is where we headed down the road to the most AMAZING rapeseed field... oh, I was in heaven.
The evening was filled with lots of dancing, a pretty much 'Royal' themed photo booth and a surprise video for Maddy from Ali... honestly, I don't think there was a dry eye in there. Ali had secretly been visiting where Maddy had grew up and had filmed all her friends and family with signs saying 'It's in the water...' and 'It's where you came from' and then had the Kings of Leon song playing over the top... it was brilliant!
I've probably missed a ton of things that happened that day but one thing is for sure... everyone had the BEST time! I was constantly gobsmacked with their attention to detail, their ideas, the execution of their ideas... everything from the invites to the table plan Ali designed and everything was made or organised well in advance of the wedding too!!
But although the wedding was beautiful and everything was styled wonderfully, the main thing that stood out for me was how much Maddy and Ali adore each other. They are indeed soul mates and that is the most important thing in my eyes.
A huge thank you to Nicola (Daffodil Waves) for Second shooting with me on the day... it was a right giggle working together :)


  1. My favourite things:
    Royal wedding touches (especially photobooth masks & commemorative mug),
    Tables named after cars,
    All the outdoors portrait shots. All of them.

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    Just love the portraits.
    Amazing photos as always :)

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