How to cheer people up...

.. put an embarressing clip of yourself when you were 15 up on your blog...
This is the docu-soap Boyz & Girlz that was filmed back in 1998 (check out my eyebrows)... it was on Channel 5 at the weekends for about 2 years and followed six city kids living and working on a Derbyshire farm... we were then taken to Greece for a week for the sequel but I can't find any clips (we actually did a Baywatch montage on the beach with red swimsuits... ha ha!)... and on a slightly different subject...who the hell invented 'Sun in'?? I've got like two tone hair!

Boyz & Girlz from walshbros on Vimeo.

Can't believe I'm showing you all this......


  1. Ha ha ha Love it! Alan thinks he might remember this from when it was on!!

  2. I'm so glad you put this up. I'm in my hotel room all alone wondering what to do and you gave me something. I guess at 17 you were trying to be posh ms case?

    Love it!!!!

  3. Did you enjoy feeding the lambs... Et cetera.