ellie and ed {part one}

Oh I'll break them down, no mercy shown 
Heaven knows, it's got to be this time, 
Avenues all lined with trees, 
Picture me and then you start watching, 
Watching forever, forever, 
Watching love grow, forever, 
Letting me know, forever.
                                  Ceremony, New Order

What a magical day....


  1. that table plan is one of the most fabulous I have seen! Such a fantastic idea

  2. B E A U T I F U L ! What a lovely bride and perfect photos.

  3. Absolutely amazing, this wedding looks so much fun! Gorgeous images x

  4. You have captured some amazing photographs!! I bet the bride and groom were thoroughly pleased!!
    - Emma xx

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  6. Just found your site off of Twitter and came across this wedding. WoW! I love how you've captured it. The images are stunning and you had wonderful colors and people to photograph. Those red lips and the bridesmaids' dresses are so cool!

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