vote for Pedro..

Woop! We've been nominated for Best Wedding Photographer by the lovely peeps at Perfect Wedding Magazine!! (busts some sweet ass moves)

So.. yeah.. this bit sucks balls but would you guys mind if we said.. if you had a spare sec could you vote for us?

I bloody hate asking.. like REALLY HATE asking.. but this time I really want to win.  Because of Pete.  That boy gets nowhere near the amount of recognition he deserves for what he does for our little business and if we win I'm gonna bloody hang it round his neck and make up a song and sing it to him.  You see some peeps still think that this gig is mainly just me.. I'm guessing the 'Emma Case Photography' bit doesn't really clear it up much.. but this couldn't be more wrong.  This gig is US.. Emma and Pete... equally. We both shoot.. and I was about to say.. we both email but actually Pete talks to our couples, he invoices, he organises getting to weddings.. schedules.. tax.. invoices.. actually.. sometimes I wonder what I actually do!?!?  One thing I do know is that I couldn't have done any of it without him. He is bloody incredible to work with.  On a wedding day he has my back and makes my job the easiest thing in the world.  In the office he organises shit.  Like everything.  Oh and at home he's also the cook and I reckon the washing up gets done maybe 60 Pete 40 me.  I'm telling you.. this guy is amazing.  He is also THE friendliest guy you'll ever meet.. he hugs everyone and means it every single time and he makes all our couples feel like we've known them for years.  He also doesn't give a shit about all the bullshit.. only has time for the good stuff and cares deeply about giving every single one of our couples the best experience ever.

But because people associate the business with me (again, yep the name'll do it) Pete sometimes gets overlooked.. but he deserves so much more... I just wish 'We are the Smyths' had a better ring to it.. ;)

So I just wanna put it out there..

He's awesome.

..and fit.


  1. he's the only dude i know where he can fart in a room full of strangers + everyone will think he's the loveliest bloke ever.

  2. I couldn't access the link but Mark voted twice! ;-) yous twos deserve to win x x mwa