Through social media we always try and keep in touch with all our couples and now we're in our fourth year of shooting weddings we have quite a few couples all dotted around the country.. all enjoying the first few years of married life.  We watch them move house, new jobs and quite often make two.. three. This is incredible to watch and we somehow feel like proud parents having been with them on their wedding day and now watching the next chapter of their life begin.

Ahhhhhhh looooook at theeeeeeem...

It's amazing to see these little carbon copies of two people we love.. looking so much like both their Mama and their Pappa.  We see our Bride's eyes.. our Groom's smile and we want to tell each and every little one how beautiful their Mum and Dad looked on their wedding day.. how they smiled and laughed all day, how they told a whole room full of people just how much they love each other.. and how they danced like fools on the dance floor.  Then I think about in years to come when all these little ones will look at their Mum and Dad's wedding album.. laugh at the funny outfits and Dad's crazy hair and it makes me feel so proud that we are a part of that.


To be honest.. I'm not really sure what this is about...

If any more of our couples have had babies and haven't told us about it.. (you do remember what we said would happen if you didn't tell us).. then please send over some piccies and we'll add them to this post..

I just wish you all lived in Birmingham so I could plant a big squidgy kiss on each of those gorgeous cheeks...


  1. This is so lovely, Emma. I love that feeling of seeing clients go on with their next chapter.

  2. Hi love, Beth and Robin had a baby boy, Samuel, 17 days ago. He's a beaut!

  3. umm... they are our cats!! We have no babes quite yet but we did get kittens on our 2nd wedding anniversary! That was the substitute for now! They don't usually wear glasses x