life lately.. {march}

So March has been a funny old month.. considering last year we were sat on picnic blankets in the park soaking up the warm sunshine.. it's felt a little like groundhog day with the snow looking like it wants a piece of Easter.. seriously now.. when is it stopping?!?!?!

But apart from the apocalyptic weather March has been pretty pleasant..

So the carpet in the house is down and life has gone back to normal after 'decorate all the things' phase. I'm not going to lie.. we have probably finished 80% of it but the 20% that is left to do are the types of jobs that probably never get done.. so hey.. lets see if by October any of them will be finished..

 So it was my Birthday this month and just like Christmas, me and Pete don't tend to do much in terms of present buying for each other so instead I spent the morning in town buying bits of makeup and the nicest navy and white striped dress from Primark.. (I actually saw it on a guest at a wedding recently and asked her where she got it.. this tends to happen at least once at every wedding).. I also got the lovely coral suede shoes from Accessorize (I now just need the weather to go with them).  I also got some lovely surprises in the post too.. the mug is from the lovely Veronica Dearly (I love it as it incorporates two of my favourite things.. eggs and tea).. and a lovely photo album from the Shutterbox kids.. which I decided to fill with all our wedding polaroids.

Me and Pete then headed down to London for my friend Rachel Simpson's new shoe collection launch. We shot her new collection, agnes and norman in Brighton back in February and walking in and seeing all the imagery alongside her gorgeous shoes.. well, it just makes you feel all warm inside.. :)  I'm going to do a full post on the collection soon but, just beware ladies.. and gents.. you're going to want every single pair.  To top it off the launch was at the beautiful shop Lucy in Disguise which was literally the worst place to put me.. ;)  I came out with the most beautiful dress that I literally cannot stop looking at.. and I think it might actually have been made for me.. :)

We also managed to squeeze in a wedding fair right at the end of March and we'd been secretly planning our stand for a while now.. we had a great time at EWE.. the other suppliers were wonderful and we had such a lovely day meeting people.. and the best thing about it?  Oh my goodness.. I HAVE MY FRIGGIN' NAME IN LIGHTS!! Ha ha!  The amazing Vowed&Amazed (we shot their wedding in 2011) have just absolutely blown us away.. they are AMAZING!!! I absolutely love them and they are taking pride of place in our office forever and ever..

 It's been a pretty exciting and hectic month.. here's to a slightly less hectic April..


  1. LOVELY. Every single bit of it.

  2. Such an incredible month!! You da best xx

  3. Corrr - Busy lady! Loved reading this & smiling at your fab images, especially the last one :D
    Bou xxx

  4. I have that scrapbook wedding album too! *swoon* paperchase? loving it

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