the welcome home workshop... ROAD TRIP!!

I was blown away by the first Welcome Home Workshop.  It was a huge decision to put one together and I only wanted to do it if I knew I could deliver.  I wanted everyone that signed up to get so much out of it.. fresh ideas and practical tools on how to move forward with their business, some realisations, some new friends but most of all.. to go away feeling inspired, that feeling that they're on the right track and that they can achieve anything.

The workshop surpassed each and every one of my expectations.  Such an amazing group of people, such an amazing day.  I realised how much I really do love to share what we do, to be around other artists that feel those butterflies everyday, to talk shop openly without judgement and to feel fully supported..

So, we began getting enquiries about doing another workshop.. I knew I wanted to do another one at some point but when peeps from different parts of the country expressed an interest I did what I always do and go for the 'batshit crazy' version..

So.. we're doing THREE workshops... in THREE cities.. in ONE WEEK!!!!!!

Told ya.. batshit..

We're hiring a van.. kidnapping Shutterbox Films and heading to Edinburgh, Bristol and finally stopping in London!

Places are limited to 10 peeps per workshop and after each day we'd love it if you could join us for dinner and drinks in each city.. :)

Cost: £400 incl lunch
To find out more about the workshop and to book your place just head to the website.. I CAN"T WAIT!!!

You can read more about the workshop and what's involved on the website.. http://www.thewelcomehomeworkshop.com/ and you can read all about the first workshop, including some lovely blog posts from the first group of homies here.. http://emmacasephotography.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/welcome-home-workshop.html

It would be an absolute bloomin' pleasure to see you there!!


* A few people have expressed an interest in doing the workshop but are unsure if it's suitable due to them either not being a photographer or feeling that they aren't at a certain level.  This workshop looks at lots of different elements of running a creative business and although I will say that it is predominantly geared towards photographers, we did have a non-photographer attend the first workshop.  If you have any questions or want to chat to me about it then feel free to email us at info@emmacasephotography.com

Ohhhh look a GIVEAWAY!!..

For the last workshop we had the most generous sponsors who provided amazing goodies for all the 'Welcome Homies' (you can thank Hannah Millard for the wonderful 'Homies' name).. and this time round I'm so excited to have the wonderful Moo.com provide a set of 100 MOO Standard Business Cards for three lucky peeps to celebrate the launch of the crazy Workshop road trip!
If you're not aware of MOO, they love to print Business Cards, MiniCards, Postcards and even the cutest little sticker books.. :)  You can choose from a range of business card templates and designs for your cards and personalise them with your own details, or upload your own images or artwork to create truly unique cards!

How to enter..
All you have to do is post a comment below and tell us what you think of when you think of the word HOME..  Three winners will be chosen from the comments below and please make sure you leave a valid email address so I can contact you!

Good luck!!


  1. When I think of the word HOME I think of it as the soft place to fall at the end of the day. Its where pieces of my heart lye waiting for me. Its where laughter and tears fall freely and its where - no matter what - unconditional love - stays patiently. x

  2. "Home is wherever I'm with you"...Ok, so I stole that line but it described it perfectly. For me, home isn't a fixed place. Home is being sat next to the person who is your best friend, who loves you unconditionally and who makes you feel safe; where you are sat is irrelevant.

  3. oh gosh I wish I could afford it. Am sure it's worth every penny.. and I'm just 10 mins from Bristol too.

  4. Home to me means safety, comfort, warmth, somewhere were you can be yourself and unwind.

  5. Home is where the story begins...

  6. Open fire, the call of migrating geese, twilight over the creek, the woods in the morning mist, deer grazing at dusk, snow on each branch, fireworks on the 4th... home is the family farm, and always will be.

  7. Home is where love is. Shared with family, friends, lovers. It can be a transient place, it can be fixed. It is a feeling, a safety, a truth. x Lucy

  8. Such a simple word with such deep meaning. I always thought 'home' meant the place where I lived. An alternative to 'house'if you will. But I find myself using the word in various different contexts...

    I text my Mum to let her know I'm 'home' when I get back to my flat. (Even though I've just been 'home' to visit my Mum and Dad at the house where I grew up)

    At work, children giggle when I call school 'home' by mistake (and I giggle inside when they sometimes call me 'Mum' instead of Miss Smith!)

    My fiances Mum still asks him whether he will be 'home' for tea (Even though he lives in our flat)

    So now I realise that to me it means more than an alternative to house. It's where my family are, my memories are made and where I can be me. It is about belonging and having a place in the world that is all yours and yours to share.

  9. Home to me is my friends, family and of course my dog. While most live on the other side of the world a simple phone or skype call can make me feel at home.

  10. Home to me is the center of my world! Home is generally choas with noisey children and messy hands, its the smell of home baked cakes and childrens art hangs from the walls. We laugh, we shout, we listen to each others problems but ultimately home is safe! And no matter where in the world we go I can never wait to get home to have a good cuppa tea and a roast dinner!!

  11. Home is closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and knowing that wherever I am I'm secure, safe and happy. Everywhere is home if I want it to be.

  12. Home is being safe, secure, happy. It is a place to love and to be loved. Somewhere where you can truly be yourself, without prejudice or judgement, to let your inner self shine: dreams, feelings, aspirations <3