the weaver women..

There are literally not enough words to explain how much I love these ladies. Kelty and Hannah are the two most genuine, wonderful, supportive and crazy talented people I know. I contacted Kelty about two years ago about designing my website and the journey to what I have today has been incredible. We have become firm friends over hundreds of emails and the day I get to meet this pair in the flesh, I know I'm going to squeeze them both so hard.  There is a part of The Weaver Women with me every day and a photo of them hangs proudly next to my desk at work to make sure that one day we book that flight to go visit.

So today I want to shout from the rooftops. You might know Kelty from the wonderful Steep Street, but now Kelty and her sister Hannah have joined creative forces and re-launched their design and photography work as The Weaver House. Oh and to top it off they've added an online vintage and handmade shop to their list of amazingness.. honestly, this duo are going to make me skint.. I want to buy everything!!

I love them dearly... and I just know you lot are going to love them too... their brand spanking new website has launched today and I actually want to live in it.. go take a peek..

Here's just a little glimpse of what you'll find..


So, so, so proud of you ladies....

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