We've had a few precious days off recently amidst the chaos that comes with wedding season.  Last year we gave ourselves pretty much no breaks, working until late, wedding on Saturdays, working on Sundays.. your work is your life a lot of the time but I've learnt that switching off is just as important as switching on..

My favourite way of spending a Sunday is a car boot.  There hasn't been one for a while due to the crap weather so Sunday was a real treat for me.. my best buy EVER was my new Apollo bike for £20!!  I rode to work and back on it and I absolutely LOVE it!!...

A few weeks ago my good friend Zoe from Old White Shop came up for the weekend with her fella Nathan, my best buddy Daisy and baby Freddie.  We walked through the park, ate Nando's, saw monkeys at the Nature Centre and then all crashed on the couch to watch Toy Story 3.  I got cuddles from Freddie and Pete got to have Daisy on his shoulders for pretty much the whole weekend..

We share our lovely office with Shutterbox Films and last week Dawn (one half of Shutterbox) left her full time job and became a permanent fixture in the office! Wahooo! We celebrated with a piñata...

Having a few weekends off has meant actually being in our house long enough for Max to get comfy on one of our laps.  He's being super affectionate recently.. it makes me think he actually does miss us when we're away.. :(

We socialised! Like, sat with real people, eating and drinking and we weren't taking pictures (well, only instagram).  It's weird, you get so used to being at weddings you kind of forget that you need to do nice things too.  It was Marianne Taylor's birthday so we headed down to London and ate meatballs, drank fruit punch and sat in the sunshine.  Bliss.

...and last but not least I got to hang out with Pete all Sunday.  We walked around town, bought some food from the market and then headed home to sit on the park with the papers.  

I could definitely get used to this time off malarky.. 


  1. AWW I LOVE THIS POST. makes me miss you though :-(

  2. Aww what a fab few days off!
    I'm mega jealous of your bike, what a bargain! I've been nagging at my OH to take me to a car boot for ages, even more determined to get to one now..

  3. switching off is definitely good medicine for everyone! Glad you got the chance amidst the wedding season :)

  4. oh you are so right! i have that feeling when i shoot an early wedding and then i go out for dinner! you know, i can sit and relax after taking tons of photos of others on fancy suits and having dinner! it happened to me today! and now i'm on vacations, which feels soooo good!