rock n riot...

Last month was the epic Rock n Riot shoot in Birmingham. Organised by the wonderful three, Amy from Little a florist, Vickie from Boutique Baking Company and Amanda from Bonnefete who have formed the most unstoppable and uber talented AVA event styling! Back in February at the Designer Vintage Bridal Show in Birmingham AVA approached Kat from Rock n Roll Bride with the idea of doing a shoot... any shoot she wanted.. well naturally Kat chose PUNK (yey!) and the girls got down to some serious planning!
We had a general idea of what they were thinking of doing but turning up on that morning and being presented with a whole wall of 'Rock n Roll Bride' graffitti and the most fabulous table decorated in everything from a black wedding cake, skull biscuits, neon pink and black cupcakes and safety pin confetti.. everyone was totally blown away. Couple that with fabulous wedding dresses provided by The Wedding Club, gorgeous jewellery from TerryTerry, AMAZING hair and makeup by Elbie and an array of punk hats and clothes from the infamous Birmingham fashion designer Patti Bell the day was bubbling with epicness from the word go!
The shoot was photographed by Steve Gerrard (see his cool piccies here) and me and Pete busied ourselves with some behind the scenes photos and video and of course providing lots of music through the day!
We had such a good time. The girls from AVA completely nailed it. Their attention to detail is incredible and they even fed us all day with pizza, fish and chips and lots of tea! Honestly.. if you're getting married you need these girls.. any concept, any idea.. they can do it! (If you remember our amazing sweetie table at our wedding - that was Vickie!) They're fantastic and the mood all day was just wonderful... everyone was smiling and just having so much fun...
Anyway... yes, the photos... here's my little interpretation of the day and also my gorgeous husband filmed stuff and made the most awesome video too.... enjoy!!

Rock N Roll Queen from Pete Smyth on Vimeo.

♥ Main Photographer: Steve Gerrard Photography
♥ Video: Pete Smyth for Emma Case Photography and Simon Clarke
♥ Styling: Ava Event Styling
♥ Flowers: Little a (Amy Grzegorzek)
♥ Cakes: The Boutique Baking Company (Vickie Pritchett)
♥ Product hire & candy bar: Bonne FĂȘte (Amanda Plester)
♥ Dresses: The Wedding Club & Hannah Wilkins-Webb (final year student at the University of Central England)
♥ Headpieces: Sharper Millinery
♥ Jewellery: Terry Terry
♥ Vintage accessories: Top Banana, Birmingham
♥ Fashion Styling Adviser: Patti Bell pattibellnumber1@yahoo.co.uk
♥ Graffiti: Hoakser hoaksah@hotmail.com
♥ Hair & Make Up: Elbie Van Eeden