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It's been a bit of a crazy week but I am so excited! We have finally set up our 'From our hearts' blog and it has had such a lovely response already.... we couldn't be happier!
Just to explain a little bit... me and three other lovely ladies.. Joanna Brown, Debs Ivelja and Anna Hardy have come together through our love for photography and our ability to talk... a lot! We've got to know each other pretty well over the past year and we speak regularly offering support and advice to each other which has been invaluable to all of us through our journey of starting our little photography business'.
When photography became my job I stopped taking photos for myself so much...I was so busy that I didn't want to add to the workload.... but it's important, not only for your personal development but also to keep things fresh, to try things out and to keep being inspired. With this in mind we decided to organise a regular weekend away and do something together and with that 'From our hearts' was born. It was simply a chance for us to get together, ask questions, support each other and to keep taking pictures for ourselves... which is what we adore doing.
But while we were away we began talking about how lucky we were to have this support network who encourage and inspire you so we wanted to offer that same support to others like us... others who love taking pictures...
So our little blog was born. We will document our little weekends, share our experiments, push and inspire each other but we will also be setting projects where you will be free to join in, submit images, comment, talk, meet and learn in a positive and exciting community. We have so many ideas for the future and how it will develop... we are all just so excited!
We also keep telling each other how grateful we are to have found each other and we all really mean it from the bottom of our hearts.

If you are interested in joining in then you can follow us on facebook, on the blog, flickr and on Twitter... yey!

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