sharon and phil

Sharon, Phil, Kizzy (black) and Lola (white) are a gorgeous little family who absolutely adore each other! We met up at the spectacular Rockingham Castle as this is where the gorgeous pair are getting married in just over a months time and took a walk through the beautiful wild garden for their engagement shoot. Me and Sharon had chatted a few times over email and then on the phone and she'd told me that they had all had hair cuts (even the dogs) for the shoot! It was lovely to spend the afternoon with all four of them and nice to know that I'm not the only pet owner that goes completely soppy over my pet! Ahhhh Maximo I love you (maybe me and Pete should do a shoot with Max... he definitely needs a hair cut)
See you at the end of July guys!!!


  1. Love this one Emma, gorg gorg gorg...

  2. Really want to say how lovely the shoot is etc etc but all I can think is:

  3. Thank you Thank you Thank you are wonderful!