The Photography Parlour G2G meet up...

First of all... anyone else find blogger a pain in the bum? Just checking.

Well these are my photos from the mammoth picture taking, chatting, meeting, inspiring, indian eating day that was The Photography Parlour's G2G meet up! If you haven't heard of The Photography Parlour then it's an fabulous new site for aspiring and professional photographers with interviews, reviews and a kick ass forum! I've been very lucky to post a feature for their "My first assignment" section and also have interviewed the gorgeous Noa from Featherlove photography so you can click on the links to have a good old nose...

The meet up was on Tuesday and around 30 photographers made there way by car, train and even plane down to the lovely city of Brizzle (Bristol). I met the lovely Ms Joanna Brown at the station and we headed to the marina to find the boat we were all due to meet! We were split into groups of about six and the day started off with a quick session of photographing some gorgeous details and then we spent the rest of the day with three different models all dressed in the most gooooorgeous outfits and then finished it all off with a curry! It was sooo much fun and so lovely to meet lots of photographers that you spend all day with on twitter and facebook! There is also a Flickr group that has been set up for everyone to upload their images... it's amazing how different photos can be of the same subject!

Here's a list of all the suppliers that were involved on the day....

Venue The Harmony II http://www.harmonyyachtclub.com/ Dresses http://www.vintagedress.co.uk/ China and table styling http://www.vintageteasets.co.uk Flowers: Floriture http://www.floriture.com Catering was from McBaile http://www.mcbaile.com/ Cakes: Sheona’s of Cake Matters http://www.cakematters.co.uk/
Oh and a huge thank you to Clara, Jemma and Shavourn (I definitely know I've not spelt that correctly) for being such amazing models ALL day!


  1. Oh Emma, if only you weren't already booked for our wedding day. Absolutely beautiful photos x

  2. Ugh! i hear yeh! blogspot's been a pain :(
    we'll need to consider migrating sumwer better soon Emma :)
    Oh but These images are all KILLING ME!
    Sooo much eye candy!!!

  3. Hi Emma - these completely rock!!! We really need a Photography Parlour equivalent in NZ!!! And yeah Blogger has been a complete pain this week!!!

  4. Gorgeousness!! Love these photos!! Brilliant!

  5. Love all your captures of Jemma! The other model's name is Siobhan ;-)

  6. Emma I love how your photos are so original compared to the rest! My favorites are the ones of Gemma. I love the composition and the colors used in post processing, I LOVE the ones of her in the grass, Chris Geary has some great ones from there too.

  7. Right with you on Blogger! Starting to wish I'd started on Wordpress - it looks so much cleaner. Ah well.

    Lush pictures! I'm assuming the girls are in chronological order, so Jemma's stars are so so beautiful. Your use of colour is really spectacular.

  8. MAD, MAD love for these photos. Rock on, girl.

  9. Dude, I don't know shit about photography but I LOVE that shot on the train tracks. Epically beautiful.

  10. love love love loveeee the one in the red dress walking on the train tracks, amazing!! can't wait to finally meet you in just over a week, eeeek!! xx

  11. They're absolutely gorgeous, I especially love the first one with the blue wall, I want to hang it up in our house.

    And yes, blogger's an arse.

  12. The photo's in the grass are lovely. I really want to come to the next meet up!