We were pretty excited to be doing a Welcome Home Workshop over in Belfast.. a.. because it's Belfast and we knew we would be spending a few days in good company with good food and.. b.. because this is where Pete's Dad is from.. where most of his family still are… and where Pete hasn't been for about 20 odd years.. it was definitely time to come home..

We spent the first few days in the centre of Belfast.. we held the workshop at the amazing Life Church on the Thursday and then had the Friday to explore the city.  We didn't realise when we organised Welcome Home that the Giro, a huge bike race would be going on that weekend.. but walking around with every shop proudly displaying huge pink window stickers and roads lined with people with pink flags.. it actually had such a lovely atmosphere.

We started the day at the famous Titanic Belfast (which is a definite must see) and then headed to the incredible Made in Belfast for the BEST. Dinner. Ever…

Here's some iPhone goodness of our time in Belfast..

Pete's parents had travelled over (they live in England) and on the Saturday came to pick us up to spend some time visiting relatives in Belfast and then we headed over to Donegal to stay with Pete's 96 year old Great Aunt Peig.  We spent the rest of the week walking along beaches.. playing card games.. eating sandwiches and scones and drinking vast amounts of tea.  Me and Pete have been together for about 9 years now but if I'm honest.. I didn't really know his family very well… and I think even Pete would admit.. his memories of his family are mostly from when he was about 11 or 12yrs old so to go back now, as an adult.. it really was such a special trip.

For me, watching Pete.. listening to stories of when he visited Ireland as a child.. meeting Aunties, seeing family photos, visiting the same spots.. it felt a huge privilege.  There are so many comparisons between both our families.. mine coming from Liverpool.. they both have such a strong culture.. both hard working.. living a stone's throw away from each other.. a wonderful sense of humour.. and of pride.. such normal, every day magic.  And one day me and Pete would love to start a little family of our own and this will be their history too.. this is their family.. our family.  It really did feel like home.

wash up on Make A Gif
A few more iPhone photos…

Ireland.. we'll most definitely be back.


  1. These are really lovely photos Emma, they capture Irish life as we know it: family & food. Beautiful. Hope you are two refreshed souls.xxx

  2. Emma, i love, love, love this post. Really great pictures!!!
    I'm in Australia and moved here as a kid but all the family is back in UK and Ireland so i quite nostalgic looking through these! :)

  3. These are such beautiful photos Emma, they remind me so much of my own home in the western isles.