Over the past couple of months we've been up and down the country with our Spring Welcome Home Workshops. We've been up to Leeds and down to London and we've now welcomed another 40 homies in to the family and we still have another workshop over in Belfast this week.. (which we're super excited about!!)..

These workshops have literally blown our mind.  When we started them just over two years ago I knew we wanted to give two things.. the practical help.. so the tangible tips that can be applied to their business.. but.. much more than that we wanted them to go away with those butterflies.. that feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you excited.. that pure drive, that confidence, that positivity.. the feeling that there is literally nothing stopping you.

I'm going to be totally honest.. what we've ended up with is something that takes those butterflies and multiples it by 1000.  The journey that we all go on on the day.. the connection.. the realisations.. the confirmation.. the freedom.. the answers.. the release.. I actually feel a bit stupid writing it.. but it's been incredible .. and if you're a homie.. you know exactly what I mean… :)

It's become about something so much more than photography.   So much more than how to market your business.. or what to charge.. it's about all that important shit that you push to the side.  All the stuff that you forget about when you have emails and deadlines and clients… it's about the stuff that really matters..

We're so grateful that we get to share Welcome Home with a bunch of the most amazing people.  And that's what they are.  A>M>A>Z>I>N>G.  They walk in and they give and they share and they're open and they're honest and they let that guard down and they are themselves and because of that, this family of peeps just gets better and better..

So.. what do we get up to?  Well there's a lot of talking.. (and quite often a few tears).. but there's also some photo taking too.. so here's some of all three gorgeous couples that came to be manhandled in front of a group of strangers for the afternoon.. :)

First up we had the lovely Chris and Gillian travel all the way down from Glasgow for our Leeds workshop..

Then Michelle and Colm came to Belt Craft in London and rocked it…

Then we had the infectiously happy Georgie and Alice at our second workshop in London.. (Georgie also wrote a blog post about the workshop from her perspective and it's pretty awesome.. go take a read)

..and of course, some Polaroid love..

..and here's some of the behind the scenes photos from three awesome days…

thank you to Anna Taylor Photography for these shots of the London workshop at Belt Craft Studios..

..and the lovely Hannah-May Photography for these gems..

..and the one and only Chris Barber for these…

..and not forgetting Scott and Kristene from Blue Elephant Photography who came all the way from Oklahoma.. yup.. Okla - friggin' - homa to come to Welcome Home!..

Oh and there's always time to fit in a Welcome Home Selfie..

..then we headed over to Battersea for our second Welcome Home in London..Thank you Inta Photography for these lovely photos..
This is most definitely my happy place.. (thanks to Sarah Aylward for this photo!)

So.. we're heading to Belfast this week for our final Welcome Home for the spring! We still have a couple of spots free so if you would like to join us, the workshop is on THURSDAY 8TH MAY 2014. Just pop us an email at info@emmacasephotography.com.  We'd LOVE to see you there!!

We also have an official WELCOME HOME FACEBOOK PAGE! Woop! Where you can find more photos.. blog posts from homies who have attended and we'll also be keeping peeps up to date with any news on there.. so go 'likey'.. ;)


  1. J'adore!!! The shots, the words, the workshop and all the lovely Homies. And most of all... you and Pete xxx

  2. It was and continues to be so much more than just a Workshop. xx