the introducing page..

So.. I decided to start a new feature.. The Introducing Page.. where I would shout from the rooftops about peeps oozing with talent.. well.. my second post in this series is all about one of my gorgeous brides... Ms Veronica Dearly!  This lady blew me away with her beautifully colourful and individual wedding and her and her husband Craig have become good friends.. so much so that they call our house their 'Birmingham Holiday Home' and we've had many a good nights with the pair of them.. but what is this girl's talent I hear you ask.. well.. feast your eyes on this yummy lot..

I am a self taught illustrator and designer living near Windsor. I love handwriting and sweet drawings and use them to create light-hearted wedding stationery and greetings cards that I hope will make people smile. 

I love creating fun illustrated works that make you want to keep reading, and have been inspired by tonnes of things from old-fashion fortune telling to modern infographics. 

I use ink on paper to draw and hand-letter wedding stationery from my own "off the peg" ranges and also offer a bespoke service for couples who have their own idea of what they want. 

Creating a "Wedding Planning" booklet to give out at wedding fairs gave me the idea to create "helpful greetings" cards for the newly engaged, as well as newlyweds and new parents, containing useful, friendly and hopefully vaguely amusing information inside that they may be in need of. 

Ronnie sent me a Birthday pressie recently and it is now most definitely my favourite mug ever.. combining eggs and tea is the way to this girl's heart.. :)

She also has the loveliest prints and iPhone covers too!

 ..and if you're recently engaged then I'm sure this will come in pretty handy!!

I love this lady to bits.. even more than unicorns and rainbows...

Go check Ronnie's shop out now.. and Ronnie has kindly offered all you lovely lot 15% off until the end of April using the code SUPERNEWFRIEND.. wahooo!  You definitely need that 'You are a very good egg' mug in your life.


  1. Haha Veronica Dearly - you are freaking awesome! Finally someone else who thinks 'I love your face' isn't a weird compliment! I am soooooo wanting this for my husband! .. Brilliant designs, nice one Emma! xxx

  2. What brilliant doodles! I love them.
    Check out my blog :) www.dolcedella.wordpress.com/

  3. I bought the "I love your face card" for my husband for Valentine's Day... and of course used that as an excuse to buy myself the phone cover. Which rocks.

  4. I bought a lovely new baby card for my friend, I love the insides of the cards, I will definitely buy again if I get the chance!

  5. I love these! The 'Planning' infographic is amazing!