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Recently I've been drawn to writing posts that offer some sort of advice.. whether that be to Photographers or to couples getting married.. and it recently occured to me that actually quite a few readers of my blog are couples who are already married.. who have enjoyed a wedding day.. and they themselves, through their own experiences.. probably have a few words of wisdom that they would want to pass on to others. So I wanted to give YOU guys an opportunity to pass on any words of wisdom that you may have to other Bride and Groom's who are yet to enjoy their wedding day.

So, now that the day is over.. is there anything you wish you could change or wish you knew beforehand? What little things helped you on the day? Is there anything that you would definitely recommend? Anything you wouldn't do?  Anything you didn't realise until the day? Any handy tips? It could be to do with the schedule or the run up, the photography or your entertainment.. it could even be top tips that just made the day itself easier...

If you do have something you'd like to share then add it to the comments below and hopefully we'll end up with a great resource of advice and tips for any couple about to get married..

I think I'll start.. ;)

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  1. Have a first look. I cannot express how amazing it was for us to see each other in private. It was really emotional and one of the parts of the day that stands out the most. We felt like such a little team heading to the ceremony and we were both able to really enjoy the moment of seeing each other in our outfits and prepare ourselves for what we were about to do..
    We also then had a relaxed amount of time for some couple portraits which then meant that we had more time with our friends and family later..
    I honestly will never forget it..

  2. For me, it was not sweating the small stuff. I got hung up on some things that didn't run to plan on the day and in the long term it doesn't matter - it's the marriage that does.
    You also invest so much time and energy into your wedding day - crafting, planning, making playlists so plan something creative for once it's over to keep you from being deflated :)

  3. Don't worry about the dress! I spent much of my day holding the train up to make sure it didn't get dirty when really, it just didn't matter at all.

  4. I wish I had thought more about the importance of my photography ...I got married nearly ten years ago ....well before I was a photographer and I "persuaded" my poor dad that he had to shoot our wedding ...he was a mad keen photographer and he did a lovely job...but I felt so bad afterwards that he didn't get to enjoy the day properly...but what was worse I have no photo's of me with my Dad on my wedding day ...not one single one...especially sad as he is no longer with us ...I wish I knew then what I know now

  5. I really regret not having my wedding day filmed, we felt it was an additional rather than necessary cost and we didn't want "video cameras in our faces" however time and experience has taught me that if you select the right supplier who listens to your needs that this would not have been the case. I hardly heard the string quartet myself as was off having photographs done and it would have been great to be able to relive the speeches and band and to see our guests enjoying themselves.

  6. i LOVED my wedding day....i loved it so much i was not interested in having any formal photographs done. unfortunately our photographer only did formal photographs....i wasn't very happy afterwards, i wish he had taken all the candid pictures, they would have been a far better memory of our day, we got married 14 years ago, wedding photography was quite different back then.....i wish i could get married all over again just to have nice photos to look back on. the photographer is so important.....you have to get it right because afterwards the photographs are all that is left to show your children....

  7. Sue Kwiatkowska Photography11 February 2013 at 13:22

    I wish that I'd had a professional wedding album made. I got married 13 years ago long before shooting digitally became the norm and now have 150 prints from my wedding that I put in an off the shelf wedding album and have never really been happy with it. Over a decade down the line and without the negatives to scan on to disc I have just got round to going through what options I have to make something a bit nicer.

  8. I cannot agree more about the importance of the photography and the photographer. Have a look round at the kind of images you like and talk to your photographer about any poses you particularly like. We had a distant relative offer to do our wedding photos 4 years ago; he had a 'big camera', we were on a very tight budget and we trusted that he knew what he was doing. As it turned out, he didn't and I can't look at the images from the day without feeling sad and sorry that we didn't hire someone. I don't have any images at all of me with my mum or dad, walking down the aisle or our first dance :( We did think about getting all dressed up in our wedding outfits and having some professional ones done, but it just wouldn't be the same... It may seem like a lot of money to spend at the time, but if you can find a way to pay a good photographer, then it is totally worth it.
    P.S. Emma, i LOVE your work and what beautiful photos of you and Pete :)

  9. Step 1: hire Emma and Pete to shoot your wedding
    Step 2: hire Pete's band for the night do - it's music that'll make your willy tingle.

    On the day make sure you take sometime to stand back from everything and take in the party with your new husband/wife. We had ours in a marquee and sat at a table outside watching everyone eating, drinking and generally having a ball of a time... all in honour of you two!

    Plan your day to reflect you, don't be afraid of doing something a bit different or away from the norm. We had an outdoor service, a magician, two different live acts and an ice-cream van... keep a few surprises for your guests, the magician and ice cream van went down so well as nobody was expecting it.

    Above all enjoy the day, don't stress about everyone else enjoying themselves they will as long as they see you happy.

  10. Make sure your biggest splurge is on the thing that is the most important to you. Be it the photographer or venue or outfits. Ours was the band. Music is so important to us and for me they had to have the right playlist. Our band were absolutely brilliant and it was the best money we spent - the dance floor was full all night and I spent the evening with a sweaty fringe - a proper, dirty indie club atmosphere! We loved it!

    Also make sure afterwards you spend some time just the two of you remembering and reliving the day. We spent the first evening of our honeymoon in a bar talking about it all (how we felt in the morning, funny things that happened, what people said etc) and I remember that night as fondly as I do the wedding day.

  11. 1. Think about your wedding photographer. Their price point is not indicative of their talent or work.

    2. Definitely consider a first look.

    3. Let your dress get dirty, oh how I wish I'd let my dress drop into the snow!

    4. Breathe and spend at least 10 minutes completely alone during your wedding day. Even if it is to squeal and hug each other. (Those were the some of best few minutes of my wedding day!)

  12. I got married 6 months ago and agree with the majority of these posts.

    1. research your honeymoon destination. we got a great deal on an all-inclusive resort, but it ended up being much shabbier than the website portrayed.

    2. first look is a must. it was my favorite part of the day. here is a video of how we did it if you're interested :)

    3. if the bride is close to her father, consider having a first look with him. i didn't spend much time with him that day and it's my only regret.

    4. splurge on the photographer and choose one that fits your style. this is the person who captures the memories you keep forever.

    5. i knew someone that did a "last dance." at the end of the reception, everyone left to get sparklers ready for the couple's exit, and the couple stayed in the reception room and had a last dance to another special song, just the two of them in the room. such a beautiful idea.

  13. Totally take the time to look for photographers - I was happy to go with a "friend of a friend"...I didn't want the usual "catalogue" wedding photos and I didn't even know where to start looking...until I started browsing blogs and seeing how many "alternatives" you can have. My hubby found Emma on Rock & Roll bride...and that was it...love at first sight ;p
    Now I look back at our photos and smile every time.

    Be firm with the guest list - we had a big wedding, but there were a few "distant relatives" who "had to be invited" - but were complete strangers to me - take time to figure out what you can compromise on and what is a definite no. Learn and accept that there will be at least one person who will be displeased with at least one of your decisions!

    If you have friends travelling from afar, remember to take the time to talk to them on the day (especially if they need to leave early for whatever reason) - I was so busy running around that I only managed to snatch 5 minutes with one of my friends and I wish I had remembered to actually sit down with them properly.

  14. Take heed of all those who have commented saying do a first look, My partner and I are quite a reserved couple when it comes to us type things. As our ceremony was so early we discounted the first look based on time worries, I was bowled over by how intimate and emotional our ceremony was to us, but by the time we had our couple photos, the excitement of the party and all our friends had kicked in and those romantic moments are now just in our heads. In hindsight we should have got up earlier!!