life lately..

So the past few weeks have been kinda busy.. shooting some yummy shoes and some beautiful stationery, keeping Maximo entertained in the house as he's not keen on this continuous white stuff.. oh and we had a lovely feature about blogging in February's Photo Pro Magazine.. :)  Wedding season is just around the corner and we have some more Welcome Home Workshops coming up in a couple of weeks (they come around fast) so we've been busy getting ourselves ready for the mayhem.  We're also STILL in house makeover land... which is taking much longer than expected.   We've now painted 80% of the house and we should have new carpet and a new kitchen floor (fingers crossed) in the next couple of weeks. The problem we've had is that our house is SO small.. and every time we've painted a room, we've first had to take everything out and put it in another room (and sleep in it).. to then have to put it all back in to paint the next room and so on. I'm actually starting to realise just how much stuff we have and the other night I couldn't sleep staring at all the stuff piled high literally surrounding the bed and asked myself.. if someone took it all away tomorrow and you never saw it again.. would you really care?   If you know me you know that I'm a little bit of a hoarder.. I love a car boot and a charity shop and over the years I've brought home typewriters, chairs, mirrors, plates, lights, cupboards, bikes, clothes, a deck chair (it'll be useful in the Summer!!!).. as I can't bear to walk out of the shop and leave them without a home.. but our home simply isn't big enough.. and do I really need five typewriters?!?! So once the carpet is down and we have some normality back I'm going to sell some bits and bobs and anything we make is going towards our travelling fund.. I think it's a really good exercise as the hoarder in me sometimes needs to be kept in check..

So.. I've just got to decide on what's best.. ebay?, maybe a yard sale on the blog?.. I might even do the Saturday Flea at the Custard Factory where our office is.. what do you guys think?


  1. Love it. We've been having the same thoughts. I mean, do we really need all this stuff? And would I miss it if it were gone? We've had friends who have moved overseas and had a ton of success just making an 'auction' by creating a 'garage sale photo album' on facebook and having people 'bid' by leaving a comment... just an idea :) x

  2. I'll rehome one of the typewriters! x

  3. Forget eBay. I sold loads of my stuff on eBay before our little travelling adventure (which we've just got back from a week ago....you're so lucky you've got it all ahead of you. You'll have the times of your lives!) and the fees and p&p costs were so high it really wasn't worth the time and effort involved with eBay.

    The Saturday flea or any good vintage fair would be great for you as you don't have to worry about packing anything up for posting. Apart from a fee for the pitch, pretty much all the money you make will be straight into your travel fund rather than wasted on eBay fees or down the post office!

    Goodluck! Believe me, every single second of stress involved in the organising and saving for travelling will be worth it a million times over when you're on your adventures together! Also, if you'll be hitting Aus or NZ on your travels, you'll visit so many amazing vintage stores that you'll want to ship it all back home so you'll need to clear some space for all your amazing new finds :-) xx

  4. I am also a sucker to hoarder culture! buuut that said i would definitly buy whatever ur selling honey! Your style is awesome and one mans trash is anothers treasure. maybe Etsy? a great place for vintage. WhatKatyDidNext sometimes lists odds & ends/bric-a-brac furniture on her facebook which sell quite quickly too. Goodluck x

  5. I de-cluttered last year, when we moved home, and as hard as it is for a hoarder like myself... it's the best feeling. I feel so much lighter in spirit and what remains with us, in our new place, is important and worth something to me.

    GO for it, you'll be pleased you did. x.