I'll always adore weddings and will forever love to shoot them but it's always a lovely treat when I get to try other things.. so when I got an email from a certain lovely lady, London Bride.. asking if I'd like to do a shoot for a new project I was in.
The lovely Charley has teamed up with the equally lovely Fanni (from Fubu Media) and Josie (from Savoir Weddings) to do a wonderfully ambitious and downright amazing new online magazine 'Dashing' with the tagline 'an inspirational magazine for the stylish and spirited girl'. It launched on December 1st and I'll be honest.. I couldn't be prouder of everyone who was involved. To see all of us doing what we love, working hard, thinking of an idea and seeing it through.. and doing it so bloody brilliantly.. it makes me smile lots. I'm actually not a huge reader of magazines as I've never found one that ticked enough boxes for the kind of things I'm in to or like to read about.. but I'll be honest.. Dashing hits all the right nails on their heads.. within two minutes I had ear marked a pair of shoes and even Pete was reading it!
Girls.. you totally nailed it and thank you so much for asking me to be a part of the first issue... I can't wait for the next one!
You can devour the first issue here which includes my 'Sixties in the city' shoot and a little interview with me too!!
Here a few of my favourite images from the shoot.. a huge thank you also to the incredible Elbie for the fabulous hair and make-up and the stunning Alana Hillenaar for modelling.. :)


  1. STUNNING! Very nice work. Love the styling, too (minus the ciggie, eew). xo.

  2. I seriously ADORE this shoot. The poses, the model, the make up, the styling...the photography! (But now I simply must have a leopard fur coat) Dashing mag is fabulous ~ a great call asking you to be a part of the first issue :)

  3. I love the black and white shot of the bride in the doorway. Very stylish!

  4. Amazing! I'll keep that post as an inspiration. Love the Barbican Centre.

  5. LOVE it. Sitting at the window shot :) FAB! x

  6. You were literally stood outside my old flat! A+, keep up the good work.

  7. I adore these images, and frankly, that model is how I like to pretend I look like every day. Pretend I say!

    Gorgeous shoot concept, styling & photography - well done girls :)


  8. Brilliant pictures me dearie! I LOVE the taxi one x

  9. wow, beautiful photographs. you are clearly talented. she is a certainly pretty girl too.

    xo katrina